Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas was a good one....

...a very good one!!
And now I feel like I can say goodbye to it.  
The decorations have been taken down.  
My girl is safely back in Omaha!  :(
(happy she's safe...just would have loved more time with her here in Wyoming)
Now I'm ready for the fresh start that 2012 will bring.

But before I say goodbye completely, how about a few (or a TON) pictures of
my favorite moments and my favorite people.

 Macey was home for three whole weeks.
How fun it was to have her here for three whole weeks.
It was nice just bumming around with her.
And I found out she's very crafty - like me.
love love love this little tidbit.

Love that we only have to travel 3 hours to get back to my home town.
It soooo beats the 12 hour drive we used to have to make from Omaha.

We celebrated my sister's 40th birthday.
A surprise "Look Who's Turning Awesome" party.
Lots of fun!  And boy was she surprised!  Love it!

 Christmas Eve mass with the family.
Love the comfort that the (mostly) familiar brings.
Love that Joy to the World!

Christmas Eve festivities at my sister and brother in law's home.
Family, friends, YUMMY food, and very thoughtful gifts.
(More on one very special gift later)
Christmas morning at Mom and Dad's.
Up soooo early to open those gifts.
Such excitement!!
Wondering if Santa's made his visit yet and if so what he might have left.
Again with really thoughtful gifts!

A scrumptious Christmas feast - eating too much!
A little after dinner napping.
A little dancing with the XBox - oh the laughs.
Mom, Carol, Jo - you rock those dance moves!!!

And that oh so fun game of Quelf.
Have you heard of this?
Definitely a fun one - would be worth the purchase. 

Goodbye Christmas 2011!

It was a good one!
A very very good one!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Lucky Lucky Me

This post is a tad overdue but still filled with as much happiness as November 16th.  :)

Happiness???  What kind of happiness you say?  
Well on Novemeber 16th I won an ORIGINAL painting 
by the extremely talented Mae Chevrette.

This exact piece named Home:
 original art giveaway
Isn't it just gorgeous!!!???!!!
I could not believe my luck!  I ADORE Mae's work.

I have this print in my studio:
Forget Not
and it makes me smile every time I look at/read it.

These prints are on my wish list:

To Be Brave

  heart + intuition print

"Find the Beautiful"

Isn't her work just wonderful???  They would make such terrific Christmas gifts!!
And I just noticed she is having an awesome sale!

A HUGE thank you to Mae for the gift of this original piece of art work!  
I truly truly love it!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Hello Monday...

Hello real pine wreath - oh how I love that you fragrance the entry way...

Hello frigid winter temperatures! 4 degrees is COLD!

Hello 1000 piece puzzle - will we ever finish you?

Hello Santa...our only Christmas decoration indoors.

Hello Bridges of Madison County - oh how I love watching you!!  :)

Hello Christmas playlist - you sound so lovely!

Hello Christmas paper crafts...I so enjoy our time together!

Hello Boden box - thank you for bringing me such a sweet Christmas outfit.

Hello Monday of this week - fun things happens this week.  X-Man's birthday comes on Wednesday and on Saturday our sweet Macey comes home!!  What a treat!

Thanks to my friend Lee for posting her Hello Monday's!  And to Lisa for inspiring her!  :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

All I Want for Christmas is....

...for my hubs to help me relocate my studio from the basement to our main floor!
And I told him so this morning!!

A bribe of no shopping for Christmas is HUGE!  Right?
Asking for help has not brought my studio up those stairs yet.  
I'd TOTALLY do it myself if I could drag those tables and bookshelves up the stairs all alone.
That might not be advisable?!?!

So here's the story...I have a WONDERFUL studio in our basement.  
A great space...but I HATE HATE HATE working down in the basement all by myself.  
LAME I know.  But I just guess what???  I don't go down there unless I have a deadline.  
Which could be why I am not paper crafting or playing with clay or scrapbooking!?!?! 

I miss my old studio and all the creativity that happened in there!!!

 Now if I had no other option I wouldn't even think about complaining.
I would just be over the moon that I had such a wonderful space all to my own!!!!  
BUT....we have a formal living room that NOBODY ever goes in.
A TOTAL wasted space...on the main floor...right off my kitchen!!!
It's pretty and warm and sunny.
A perfect place to create....

SO there ya have it...
Think I'll get my gift early?  Like maybe this weekend??

Or maybe when Macey gets here she can help me....

in that case...

 (source Home Decorators)

to hide all of my studio supplies!!

:) he he he (:

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I need direction.  Here on the blog, creatively, emotionally....all of it....needs direction.  Which is OK - that's not a bad thing - moving makes things topsy turvy and I just need to find my new way.

I haven't created anything other than jewelry and a mug(which was awesome) since we moved.....and that my friends is insanity.  Not a single scrapbook page, not a card, no painting!!  It's no wonder I feel off.  I need creativity to feel normal...many types of creativity...having creative time keeps me centered....makes me not so crabby crazy!!!  Of course jewelry design is creative but it is also my job...I want to create a canvas, or a scrapbook page, of play with clay and write fantastic blog posts.

So wanting the easiest way back in I did a little searching for creativity and blog/writing prompts...
Just what I needed!!!  Over at the Creativity Portal -I found the Imagination Prompt Generator.
And the prompt that pops up could not be more perfect:

What is changing in your life right now?

ALOT!!!  We wanted so badly to move back closer to family and the mountains where we could once again live that outdoorsy lifestyle that we love but that doesn't mean that everything about this move is or has been easy.   Change can be difficult - even when it's good!  Right???  We are just rolling with it...finding our way.


1)  I get to see wide open spaces daily - from my deck!  How awesome is that?

2)  Steve works long long hours and if often preoccupied with work.  He's finding his way...hopefully this evens out soon. 

3)  Hockey keeps the boys busier than they have ever been with anything!!  They are learning hard work and dedication and what it's like to really be part of a team.

4)  Not much interaction with friends or even much adult conversation day to day.  I really need to get out more - more time at the AVA, I would really love to join a yoga class and a running group!!  And I would love love love to find a scrapbooking group please?!?!  And while we are at it how about a bunco's group???  :) 

5)  More time to create - now I just need to get busy.

6)  I'm the only girl in the house.  Sadie does not count.  Thank goodness for facebook, texting and cell phones for staying close and connected to my girl. 

7)  My boys get to hunt again.  Did you see those bucks???  Awesome! 

8)  Xander's having a hard time making good friends.  Poor little guy - it really does break my heart.  Kids are a lot different here than what he is used to in Omaha but I have no doubt good friends are here it will just take a little more time. 

9)  We get to see family often.  We have traveled more in the 6 months we have been here than in a whole year living in Omaha.  Love being able to get away!

10)  I don't get to see Macey on a daily basis.  Refer back to number 6!!!  :)

11)  I am only about 90 minutes away from terrific friends (old and new).  This makes me happy!
12)  No driveway get-togethers with the neighbors - boy I miss that!!!  We had awesome neighbors in Omaha and we really miss them - it's was so nice for to be able to get together impromptu and all the kids had just as much fun playing outside right along side us!!

13)  Star Hitched Wagon™ is growing!!  No shows for over fours years and I have done three since August!  Fun fun fun!!  Not to mention a new wholesale account!  Which I love! 

The good and the bad....some of these will go away...some will not...this list will "change" because we are always changing.  I am thankful for being here I just need to find my groove - my creative groove and a good group of friends!!  :)  I look forward to just how great it will be.  And it will be because:

:)  he he he

How about you?  What's changing for you???

Monday, November 14, 2011

Successful Hunting Season

So proud of my boys!!  Check out these bucks!

This was Triple C's first year hunting and he was one LUCKY kiddo!!!! 

Next day Steve had awesome luck too!!!

Steve hasn't been hunting for the past four years - since we moved to Nebraska.  Every fall he missed it terribly - now that we are back in Wyoming things will be different - something that these boys are excited about - lots of public land out here in Wyoming. 
This year though - Steve lucked out by FINALLY drawing that Montana tag - so needless to say he was thrilled for the weekends that he could make it work - which with Connor's hockey schedule wasn't looking easy - but they got a couple weekends squeezed in and this one brought success!!

Now our freezer will be FULL!!!  If you are in the family expect some gifts of summer sausage cause it might be coming out our ears!!!

Stay tuned for pics of their European mounts that will be adorning out walls very soon!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chronicles of a new hockey mom..... let me start out by stating the obvious....I know very little about hockey...the rules, the proper  etiquette....for the players, for the mom, the dads, the fans....etc. 
I am a hockey mom for one....let's make that two....very simple reasons....because my boys want to be hockey players!!!  That's it...for them not me!  Not me at all!!!  Not ever!
I will learn the ropes as they do...but there are certain things I will NEVER become...I will never become that crazy mother who yells at other players because I feel my son has been roughed up unnecessarily!  NOT EVER!!!  Sure I may get mad - in fact I am very certain of it...I will cringe and have second thoughts about letting the boys play hockey....probably over and over again...but they love it and I  love that about them!!!  And I will learn to love hockey for them.  HOWEVER, I will not become a crazy abusive mother who yells at another woman's child!  Especially not at practice.  NOT EVER!!!  It's just scary!  Bullying is a bad thing....for children and especially for parents. 

Way to go boys!  I'm proud of you!  Skate hard, really hard.  Listen to the tips your given.  Give 110%!  ALWAYS!!!  Prove that you want it and you will get better and better!

And now to add a little humor and perspective - and a good reminder for me:

(taken from John Buccigross)

Hockey is an emotional game and your child has the attention span of a chipmunk on NyQuil. The hockey coach will yell a bit during practice; he might even yell at your precious little Sparky. As long as there is teaching involved and not humiliation, it will be good for your child to be taught the right way, with emphasis.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


...think I might be able to blog on a regular basis???  I so would like to...seriously as absurd as it may sound I blog in my head ALL.THE.TIME!!!!  I am not even kidding...I have great topics, great thoughts, pearls of wisdom ;)....but then I never sit down to really blog it out.  But I will someday...maybe today, maybe tomorrow....maybe next week.  Because I am so not ready to give up blogging.  I love the process, and who knows maybe one of my posts will inspire someone, make someone laugh, or give them a thought to ponder....just maybe.
Today I am sitting here enjoying being lazy...thinking about hopping on the elliptical...but really thinking about all the things I have to be thankful for.  Of course it's the trend right now because it's that time of year - but can you thinking of a better trend???  A better thing to be a bandwagon-er for???  It's a good thing - whether your the first person aboard or the last...remembering how blessed we truly are is a good thing.

 So for today's blog post I will post 6 things I am truly thankful for.

1)  Thankful for a beautiful family!

2)  Thankful for hubby making all his connecting flights and for his safe trip home.

3)  Thankful for my hubby spending a day working at home.

4)  Thankful for a reality check - maybe I'm too addicted to my cell phone - it's time to update the address/phone book.

5)  Thankful for good coaches which in turn make Xander LOVE hockey while he is learning his way!

6)  Thankful for heat and a nice home to stay cozy in on this cold day.

More to come of course....but what are you thankful for today???

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Happy Halloween

Hope you all had a wonderful spooky and frightfully fun night!!

Everything from photos was purchased at the Born in the Barn Sale in Sheridan, Wyoming!!!  Awesome Awesome sale with so many awesome vendors. Something for everyone!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

So good to be back in Wyoming...

It takes us less than two hours to be in the mountains...
oh how I love these mountains!

With beautiful streams that dance

Streams that would make you happy enough just to watch

But if watching isn't your thing...
...well you're in luck!

because these beautiful streams...
in these wonderful mountains...
also produce...
the most gorgeous of fish!

Which creates hours of the most healthy fun one can have!


...not to mention...

you can bring home the tastiest of dinners!!!  :)  

It's so good to be back!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Birthday... our beautiful Mother!!!

We B3 couldn't love you more!!!  

 Hope you have a wonderful day!

Monday, August 1, 2011


 Can a parent every really prepare for the day their child spreads their wings and fly?  
I thought I would be ok...I mean let's face it...
...sometimes a parent/teenager relationship can be a challenge...
...and Macey and I fought plenty...just like I fought with my parents at that age.  
A challenge. 
I used to tell Macey that she needed to be on her own...
...just so she knew what it was like to really be on her own and just how much we did do for her.  
I also used to think...I can't wait til she is on her own...
...but only so we could actually be like each other...
....a relationship without so much tension.  
Macey used to tell us...rather often...that she couldn't wait til she was out of our house...
 ...and then as the months got closer to graduation...this girl of mine...
 ...well she softened...the thought of rushing out of our home...
...those thoughts of getting as far away from us didn't seem so good... she didn't want to go school in Montana...which for months she had planned on... she wanted to stay closer to us...guess she didn't think we were so bad after all...
 ...however by this time Steve had already applied for the job in Wyoming...
...eventually getting the job.
As weeks got closer the thought of leaving her really hit me... baby girl would soon be an longer living with us...
...making her way in this world on her own.  
Nothing can prepare you for the mix of emotions...
...excited for what the future will hold for her...
...heartbroken at the thought of days...weeks...and even months without her.
I cried...often.
Still do a bit. 
 I cannot tell you how differently our home feels without her...of course it's a new home yes... of course it's all different...
...but not having her here is not something I could prepare for... seems quieter...a little lonely...
 I don't love being the only girl in the house.
 The positive?   
She is doing great...adjusting to this not being close like she hoped for.
She's enjoying the sun...
 ...and all that this last summer as a child will bring...
...this makes it easier...
So happy she is happy!  
And now...
when she is here in our home...
...we like each other...we enjoy each other's company...
 ...less of a challenge.
It's those visits that I will look forward too...
...will cherish...
...will be grateful for...