Friday, December 9, 2011

Lucky Lucky Me

This post is a tad overdue but still filled with as much happiness as November 16th.  :)

Happiness???  What kind of happiness you say?  
Well on Novemeber 16th I won an ORIGINAL painting 
by the extremely talented Mae Chevrette.

This exact piece named Home:
 original art giveaway
Isn't it just gorgeous!!!???!!!
I could not believe my luck!  I ADORE Mae's work.

I have this print in my studio:
Forget Not
and it makes me smile every time I look at/read it.

These prints are on my wish list:

To Be Brave

  heart + intuition print

"Find the Beautiful"

Isn't her work just wonderful???  They would make such terrific Christmas gifts!!
And I just noticed she is having an awesome sale!

A HUGE thank you to Mae for the gift of this original piece of art work!  
I truly truly love it!!!