Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Which Door

I love this quote. I have printed it and posted it in my house to remind me to take that step towards greatness. I thought this quote was perfect for a 16 year old girl who wonders if greatness can be achieved.

The author of the quote is a new friend - a kindred spirit of sorts - a fellow jewelry designer - someones whose work, writings, and person inspire me. Check her out today: Erin Prais-Hintz

(I scraplifted the page design from Lisa Carroll)

A Few Cards

Love Stampin Up - especially the punches!!

These Penny Lane papers are fabulous!

Love this die - I just ordered one but Becca let me use hers yesterday - so fun!!! Becaa let me use her stamps, inks, punches and dies yesterday - because I forgot photos for scrapbooking. :( But it was nice to get some cards done. And the company was good! :) Now if we could just warm up Archivers a bit....

New layouts

This was done with Sketch #1 on Liz's blog:

Photo Tag

I've been tagged by my friend Jayne

The tag how-to...

Go to the photos folder on your computer.

Go to the seventh folder of photos.

Go to the seventh photo.

Put the seventh photo on your blog along with a description.Invite seven friends to join.

So here it is. My 7th folder on my computer is scrapbook stuff (I only have 8 picture folders on the new computer)

Cute layout of Steve and Macey. She was so little maybe 2 - we were living in Missoula at the time - in family student housing. They both look so young!!!

Now I tag: (some of these people don't even read my blog - but hey worth a shot)








Monday, March 30, 2009

So excited

Feeling Scrappy

I am so honored - so excited - sooo happy to announce that I made Design Team member at Feeling Scrappy. I will serve April thru September. They offer fantastic classes - you MUST check them out. Super affordable - super fun - tons of great ideas. Stacey and Jayne both are awesome and they both bring sooo much to the table - so run on over and check things out!
Also a HUGE congrats to Lee, Tracy and Lindsey who will also be serving as guest designers - their work is fantastic - so excited to see what inspiration they will share with us!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tornado Warnings

Sirens are on right now - welcome to Nebraska - freaks me out every time!!!

SO sad...

Just devastating - this is my home town's Main Street. Just so sad - a whole city block with many historical buildings.

News Coverage:

Miles City Fires

Friday, March 20, 2009

Top 10

It's been a while since I did a top 10 - so I thought today would be a good day to do my top 10!

1. Pickles, gum and diet coke

2. Dinner

3. Happy spring days.

4. Last nights walk with the boys.

5. Knowing that in less than one week our bestest friends - the Clarys Family -will be here for a visit. Woohoo!!!

6. Living the life of a creative.

7. That all the kids are feeling better.

8. My main man.

9. My beautiful kids.

10. Phone calls from family.

What's on your list?

Fun Layout

Aren't these papers just so cool - flocked pink and black and shiny embossed green - Hobby Lobby purchases of the week.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


New at Star Hitched Wagon

Olive Necklace and Bracelet - beautifully bold - jade and Thai Silver

Scout Necklace and Earrings - GORGEOUS set - faceted garnet rondelles and Thai silver. - SOLD

Eternal Fire Earrings and Bracelet - such fun - orange calcite and Thai silver.

Monday, March 16, 2009

New Layouts

A close up of this ghost shape:

Marci design team member at Serendipity Scrapbooks posted this cool idea - using your packaging - don't throw it away - reuse it to make your own ghost shapes with your embossing folders and dies - I embossed this with my paisley folder and then cut out the heart shape using a sizzlet. So cool!!

I've been tagged

Wow I am not really sure why I am doing this tag - but what the heck! Of course I check my emails and blogs first thing in the morning - so this is what I look like sick with the flu, the first day of a painfully strict diet and prior to the shower.

Here are the details:
Take a picture of your self right now, no primping or preparing.Just snap a picture.Load onto your blog.Tag 3 people to play...remember if you are tagged on another blog we will all be heading to yours to see if you played along.

I tag:

Jodi, Jolene, and Edie

Friday, March 13, 2009

A few new layouts and an altered tin

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh SOOO Fun!

(Blurry photo by very nice stranger)
What fun we had in Vegas. I am sooo glad we just agreed to go. We have never had a trip before - just the three of us sisters - it was good to do and we will do it again. Vegas was amazing - overwhelming - but so many really cool things to see. We were there three nights - I think two is perfect - we were exhausted by the third night. The first night we got back to our room at 2 or 3 am (the sisters flight didn't get to Vegas until almost 10 pm), second night midnightish and the third night I think it was 8 pm. We played the machines and did a lot of sight seeing and a TON of walking. And we laughed a lot - cause when we three get together we get goofy! Oh I miss those two tremendously - so good to bond.
By the way - did I tell you where we stayed? Hooters - mmm hmmm - yes three women by ourselves at Hooters - way cheap is all I can say - and the rooms and casino were fine - although we didn't spend a ton of time there. And this is about all I photographed of our hotel - the background for this pic.

And cause this was our view


When Jamie called dad to ask if he could wire us some money - he gets our humor.

Doing the 40 Year Old Virgin lines Bockness-style.

New York New York - Such a cool place inside and out. I wish I would have been brave enough to ride that roller coaster.

HOT SHOTS - oh we were sure one of those big progressives pots were gonna be ours!

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens - the smell - oh the smell was perfection - like Jamie said - if only I could bottle it. Everything about the Bellagio was beautiful - if we go back to Vegas I am staying there - the price is worth it.

The Bellagio "water canons" (as Jodi called them).

Pearls out of the shell

Lunch on the patio at Border Grill in Mandalay Bay

It was just a great trip - with great company!!! I missed Steve and the kids terribly and am so glad to be home with them, but I am so thankful I was able to get away for a refresher!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

I am leaving on a jet plane....sing along with me - ok but I do know I will be back again. I am nervous about flying by myself - cause I am kind of a wimp - but I am super excited to see my sisters! I am sure I will have lots of photos when I get back. See you Tuesday!!

And the Winner Is....

Jayne! Woohoo!! Congrats Jayne - you won the Pointe earrings! Please email me your mailing address and I will send them out next week!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A few layouts