Monday, November 14, 2011

Successful Hunting Season

So proud of my boys!!  Check out these bucks!

This was Triple C's first year hunting and he was one LUCKY kiddo!!!! 

Next day Steve had awesome luck too!!!

Steve hasn't been hunting for the past four years - since we moved to Nebraska.  Every fall he missed it terribly - now that we are back in Wyoming things will be different - something that these boys are excited about - lots of public land out here in Wyoming. 
This year though - Steve lucked out by FINALLY drawing that Montana tag - so needless to say he was thrilled for the weekends that he could make it work - which with Connor's hockey schedule wasn't looking easy - but they got a couple weekends squeezed in and this one brought success!!

Now our freezer will be FULL!!!  If you are in the family expect some gifts of summer sausage cause it might be coming out our ears!!!

Stay tuned for pics of their European mounts that will be adorning out walls very soon!!