Sunday, November 6, 2011


...think I might be able to blog on a regular basis???  I so would like to...seriously as absurd as it may sound I blog in my head ALL.THE.TIME!!!!  I am not even kidding...I have great topics, great thoughts, pearls of wisdom ;)....but then I never sit down to really blog it out.  But I will someday...maybe today, maybe tomorrow....maybe next week.  Because I am so not ready to give up blogging.  I love the process, and who knows maybe one of my posts will inspire someone, make someone laugh, or give them a thought to ponder....just maybe.
Today I am sitting here enjoying being lazy...thinking about hopping on the elliptical...but really thinking about all the things I have to be thankful for.  Of course it's the trend right now because it's that time of year - but can you thinking of a better trend???  A better thing to be a bandwagon-er for???  It's a good thing - whether your the first person aboard or the last...remembering how blessed we truly are is a good thing.

 So for today's blog post I will post 6 things I am truly thankful for.

1)  Thankful for a beautiful family!

2)  Thankful for hubby making all his connecting flights and for his safe trip home.

3)  Thankful for my hubby spending a day working at home.

4)  Thankful for a reality check - maybe I'm too addicted to my cell phone - it's time to update the address/phone book.

5)  Thankful for good coaches which in turn make Xander LOVE hockey while he is learning his way!

6)  Thankful for heat and a nice home to stay cozy in on this cold day.

More to come of course....but what are you thankful for today???