Thursday, February 25, 2010

Whatcha been up to???

So friends what creative endeavors are you up to this month?  What about family fun?  Or new discoveries?  Really what have you been up to?  I want to hear from you all.

I am sticking with my resolution to try new things - to expand my horizons - to shake things far since the last update I have:

1) Subbed as a preschool teacher for the first and second time - and it wasn't mass chaos.  The kids are so sweet.

2) Felted a small piece to use in a bracelet design of some sort, a wonderful bowl and a large ill shaped place mat/table runner of some sort. 

(the last felting photo was before the felting)

3)  Made paper clay bowls.  I LOVE these!  I love hearts - all year long.  I have since painted them red.  now I just need to put a antique-ish glaze over them to weather them up. 

4)  Made the sweetest little paper flowers - I had been buying handmade flowers off of etsy - but decided to give it a shot after  I saw a tutorial somewhere online.  Now I am sort of addicted - they are on several of my latest scrapbook pages.

5) Started teaching a sweet 9 year old (soon to be 10 year old) girl creative/art classes once a week.  What a treat this is.  I am not sure if I am a teacher as much as I am just providing her creative freedom....her mom assures me she LOVES it and I LOVE it as well.  So far we have painted canvases, did button balls (instead of buttons trees), and she designed her own pair of earrings.  Such fun!  She is such a great student.  Also, it is getting Xander creating with me again - he used to create with me ALL THE TIME and now seems to pick video games over me.  :(  I didn't get a photo of Katie with her canvas but this is what Xander made:

6)  Made a lemon cake - only from the box - but can you believe I have never made a lemon cake???  I love all things tart and delicious - and this was gooood!  Ok this wasn't really a stretch - but I didn't go for the safe chocolate - I broadened my horizons a tiny bit.  :)

7)  Today I presented materials to a local art studio to teach jewelry classes.  They were happy with my ideas/ I will be teaching two, maybe three classes in the month of March.  I have to say this is huge for me.  I am sooooo NOT good at selling - selling my time or my designs as an artist - I have this HUGE fear of rejection and most of the time it stops me dead in my tracks and I just don't even bother - I give up before I even get there - but I didn't give up.  I was really nervous and stressed a lot about the designs and concepts and pricing.  I didn't want to do the same ole boring basics.  I wanted to teach the basic skills but in a really beautiful way.  So I stayed true to me and it paid off.  Now let's hope the classes fill up and that they beg me for more!  :)  As soon as I have all the details finalized I will post them here so that if you are local you can come join me for a night of fun - learning jewelry basics!!!!

8) Tried Quinoa from Whole Foods - yummy.  Bought some so I could make it at home.  If I discover a great recipe I will share it.

9)  Doing scrapbook page sketches on a regular basis.  I am now offering Sunday Sketch Challenges on my blog.  I have grown to really love this - thanks to being on Feeling Scrappy's design team - it forced me to give it a  try and I grew to love it.  Now that my term is up there I have to share them somewhere - no place better than the blog!  :)

So I am stretching a bit - learning new things, trying new things, branching out - making me a better me.  It really is fun to try new things - I have a creative curiosity lately that it drawing me into all sorts of new creating avenues.....Oh and I am doing yoga (again) at home a few nights a week - I really like it.  Great thing right before bed - really relaxing and a stretches out all those stressed muscles.  Now if I could just get Steve to join me - I wouldn't feel so silly toppling over all by myself. 

I would really love to hear about what you are up to....inspire me please!  :)  Friends enjoy your last few days of February and THINK is just right around the corner after all.