Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I need direction.  Here on the blog, creatively, emotionally....all of it....needs direction.  Which is OK - that's not a bad thing - moving makes things topsy turvy and I just need to find my new way.

I haven't created anything other than jewelry and a mug(which was awesome) since we moved.....and that my friends is insanity.  Not a single scrapbook page, not a card, no painting!!  It's no wonder I feel off.  I need creativity to feel normal...many types of creativity...having creative time keeps me centered....makes me not so crabby crazy!!!  Of course jewelry design is creative but it is also my job...I want to create a canvas, or a scrapbook page, of play with clay and write fantastic blog posts.

So wanting the easiest way back in I did a little searching for creativity and blog/writing prompts...
Just what I needed!!!  Over at the Creativity Portal -I found the Imagination Prompt Generator.
And the prompt that pops up could not be more perfect:

What is changing in your life right now?

ALOT!!!  We wanted so badly to move back closer to family and the mountains where we could once again live that outdoorsy lifestyle that we love but that doesn't mean that everything about this move is or has been easy.   Change can be difficult - even when it's good!  Right???  We are just rolling with it...finding our way.


1)  I get to see wide open spaces daily - from my deck!  How awesome is that?

2)  Steve works long long hours and if often preoccupied with work.  He's finding his way...hopefully this evens out soon. 

3)  Hockey keeps the boys busier than they have ever been with anything!!  They are learning hard work and dedication and what it's like to really be part of a team.

4)  Not much interaction with friends or even much adult conversation day to day.  I really need to get out more - more time at the AVA, I would really love to join a yoga class and a running group!!  And I would love love love to find a scrapbooking group please?!?!  And while we are at it how about a bunco's group???  :) 

5)  More time to create - now I just need to get busy.

6)  I'm the only girl in the house.  Sadie does not count.  Thank goodness for facebook, texting and cell phones for staying close and connected to my girl. 

7)  My boys get to hunt again.  Did you see those bucks???  Awesome! 

8)  Xander's having a hard time making good friends.  Poor little guy - it really does break my heart.  Kids are a lot different here than what he is used to in Omaha but I have no doubt good friends are here it will just take a little more time. 

9)  We get to see family often.  We have traveled more in the 6 months we have been here than in a whole year living in Omaha.  Love being able to get away!

10)  I don't get to see Macey on a daily basis.  Refer back to number 6!!!  :)

11)  I am only about 90 minutes away from terrific friends (old and new).  This makes me happy!
12)  No driveway get-togethers with the neighbors - boy I miss that!!!  We had awesome neighbors in Omaha and we really miss them - it's was so nice for to be able to get together impromptu and all the kids had just as much fun playing outside right along side us!!

13)  Star Hitched Wagon™ is growing!!  No shows for over fours years and I have done three since August!  Fun fun fun!!  Not to mention a new wholesale account!  Which I love! 

The good and the bad....some of these will go away...some will not...this list will "change" because we are always changing.  I am thankful for being here I just need to find my groove - my creative groove and a good group of friends!!  :)  I look forward to just how great it will be.  And it will be because:

:)  he he he

How about you?  What's changing for you???