Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas was a good one....

...a very good one!!
And now I feel like I can say goodbye to it.  
The decorations have been taken down.  
My girl is safely back in Omaha!  :(
(happy she's safe...just would have loved more time with her here in Wyoming)
Now I'm ready for the fresh start that 2012 will bring.

But before I say goodbye completely, how about a few (or a TON) pictures of
my favorite moments and my favorite people.

 Macey was home for three whole weeks.
How fun it was to have her here for three whole weeks.
It was nice just bumming around with her.
And I found out she's very crafty - like me.
love love love this little tidbit.

Love that we only have to travel 3 hours to get back to my home town.
It soooo beats the 12 hour drive we used to have to make from Omaha.

We celebrated my sister's 40th birthday.
A surprise "Look Who's Turning Awesome" party.
Lots of fun!  And boy was she surprised!  Love it!

 Christmas Eve mass with the family.
Love the comfort that the (mostly) familiar brings.
Love that Joy to the World!

Christmas Eve festivities at my sister and brother in law's home.
Family, friends, YUMMY food, and very thoughtful gifts.
(More on one very special gift later)
Christmas morning at Mom and Dad's.
Up soooo early to open those gifts.
Such excitement!!
Wondering if Santa's made his visit yet and if so what he might have left.
Again with really thoughtful gifts!

A scrumptious Christmas feast - eating too much!
A little after dinner napping.
A little dancing with the XBox - oh the laughs.
Mom, Carol, Jo - you rock those dance moves!!!

And that oh so fun game of Quelf.
Have you heard of this?
Definitely a fun one - would be worth the purchase. 

Goodbye Christmas 2011!

It was a good one!
A very very good one!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Lucky Lucky Me

This post is a tad overdue but still filled with as much happiness as November 16th.  :)

Happiness???  What kind of happiness you say?  
Well on Novemeber 16th I won an ORIGINAL painting 
by the extremely talented Mae Chevrette.

This exact piece named Home:
 original art giveaway
Isn't it just gorgeous!!!???!!!
I could not believe my luck!  I ADORE Mae's work.

I have this print in my studio:
Forget Not
and it makes me smile every time I look at/read it.

These prints are on my wish list:

To Be Brave

  heart + intuition print

"Find the Beautiful"

Isn't her work just wonderful???  They would make such terrific Christmas gifts!!
And I just noticed she is having an awesome sale!

A HUGE thank you to Mae for the gift of this original piece of art work!  
I truly truly love it!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Hello Monday...

Hello real pine wreath - oh how I love that you fragrance the entry way...

Hello frigid winter temperatures! 4 degrees is COLD!

Hello 1000 piece puzzle - will we ever finish you?

Hello Santa...our only Christmas decoration indoors.

Hello Bridges of Madison County - oh how I love watching you!!  :)

Hello Christmas playlist - you sound so lovely!

Hello Christmas paper crafts...I so enjoy our time together!

Hello Boden box - thank you for bringing me such a sweet Christmas outfit.

Hello Monday of this week - fun things happens this week.  X-Man's birthday comes on Wednesday and on Saturday our sweet Macey comes home!!  What a treat!

Thanks to my friend Lee for posting her Hello Monday's!  And to Lisa for inspiring her!  :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

All I Want for Christmas is....

...for my hubs to help me relocate my studio from the basement to our main floor!
And I told him so this morning!!

A bribe of no shopping for Christmas is HUGE!  Right?
Asking for help has not brought my studio up those stairs yet.  
I'd TOTALLY do it myself if I could drag those tables and bookshelves up the stairs all alone.
That might not be advisable?!?!

So here's the story...I have a WONDERFUL studio in our basement.  
A great space...but I HATE HATE HATE working down in the basement all by myself.  
LAME I know.  But I just guess what???  I don't go down there unless I have a deadline.  
Which could be why I am not paper crafting or playing with clay or scrapbooking!?!?! 

I miss my old studio and all the creativity that happened in there!!!

 Now if I had no other option I wouldn't even think about complaining.
I would just be over the moon that I had such a wonderful space all to my own!!!!  
BUT....we have a formal living room that NOBODY ever goes in.
A TOTAL wasted space...on the main floor...right off my kitchen!!!
It's pretty and warm and sunny.
A perfect place to create....

SO there ya have it...
Think I'll get my gift early?  Like maybe this weekend??

Or maybe when Macey gets here she can help me....

in that case...

 (source Home Decorators)

to hide all of my studio supplies!!

:) he he he (: