Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!! I hope that you are all having a wonderful holiday!


Friday, December 21, 2007

Basket Winners

To Jayne and Robin I most definitly have not forgotten about you - your baskets will be sent out around the 1st of the year! Thanks for being patient!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cookie Exchange

So my new friend Becca was so SUPER kind to invite me to a Cookie Exchange last night. So in Stacey fashion - I wait til last minute to put everything together - I really wanted to put the fudge and Chex mix I made in treat boxes that I made. I was running out of time so I made Connor come help me put them together. He put the adhesive tabs on all the little squares and triangles and we worked like mad to get the 14 boxes done. Well - not so much!!! I had two treat boxes already put together so I put the hosts - Kelly treats in one and called it good. :( Now I have about 8 finished boxes - I just need to put the string through them and then I have 4 or so that need the squares and triangles glues on and then eyelets and string. Oh well - I will have some fun creative packaging for gifts this year. But let me tell you when I told Connor that I ran out of time and wouldn't be able to give the treat boxes out - boy was he mad about all that time he put into them. :)

On a really really postitive note - and really the most important thing about the cookie exchange - I met some very very nice people. I had a great time. It was so nice to get out and socialize. And I got some amazing goodies. Can't wait to dig in. So a HUGE thanks to my new friend Becca - you are so sweet for inviting me and a big thank you to all your friends for making me feel so welcome!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Drawing Results

So I have two winners - be happy I have two boys who got into a fight trying to decide who got to draw the winning name. So we have 2 winners - Robin and Jayne! Yea!!!! So girlies please email me your addresses and I will get your goodie baskets sent out to you.

Thank you for reading and posting on my blog!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Snow Day???

So no school for the kids today - which means no work for me today. I have to say I work with some awesomely understanding people. I am not sure that there is enough snow to warrant a snow day. I am soooo not complaining though - I enjoy being at home with the boys. Driving in these conditions when people drive as fast as they do around here - makes my head hurt - so I am totally enjoying my day home without driving.

Macey spent the night at a friends - which is of couse exactly what a young teenage girl should do on a snow day, right? I wouldn't know - I never had a snow day! :) But she was excited.
The boys and I actually SLEPT IN until 10:00 am - can you believe that??? We haven't slept in like that for a while. It felt good - all cozy under those covers. I can say it is so nice being home today. I haven't been feeling well since Friday night so the rest and relaxation is wonderful. I feel sorry for Steve that he too didn't get a snow day - he isn't feeling well either - and I am sure he could have used the rest and relaxation.
Ummmm....I made pancakes upon request - which I can honestly say - were the most horrible looking pancakes I have ever made. I enjoy cooking/baking - but me and pancakes - yeah we just have a troubled relationship. I just can't make good ones. The boys didn't complain - and they did taste good. Only complaint - we had enough maple for firsts but then we ran out so seconds had to be covered in corn syrup - Connor didn't think that tasted so good. Sorry boys - mom tried.
So now I am updating my blog and reading other peoples blogs. Thinking about scrapbooking - still in my pj's - it's a good day! And even better - my awesome neighbor Tom - snowblowed(sp?) my sidewalks and driveways - AGAIN! Can you believe that??? How flippin' cool is that???? I need to bake them some goodies or a dinner or something. Again - it's a good day! To all those out there in this winter wonderland - drive safely and be warm.

XMan's Birthday

So my little Xanderman - my baby - turned 7 this past week. Makes me a bit sad. SO NOT ready for my baby to be 7. But he was so excited to be 7 - now he is the only one in his class to be 7 and he thinks that is pretty cool beans.
So I am a bad mommy and knew I didn't want to do a big party where we have to chase tons of kids around some big pizza arcade so I suggested a video game party with pizza and cake - with just a few friends for a couple of hours at our home. The other option was - take a few friends to the movie and then out for sit down pizza at a non-arcade type of place. He was way excited about the video game party at home. So we rented 4 video games for the XBox and Wii and they had a blast. He is now $45.00 richer and got some very cool gifts. Lots of legos, a Star Wars Transformer, a Journal, the softest blanket ever, a cool Play Costume book (which I have to admit I though was a little advanced for him - but he is such an artist - that he has already started making his play props based on the books ideas. Boy Nanny Suzy knows this boy well). He is one lucky 7 year old!!!

On a very funny side note - we picked up his cake, paid for it, brought it home - never once opening it to make sure it was right - just assumming. Then Steve went to serve it after dinner - and he says who the heck is Sander - we of course all laugh and say yeah right. He adds - no really this cakes says Sander!!! WHAT????? I spelled it for the lady at the bakery. Oh well...we all got a good laugh - and I am sure he will always remember that cake! :) They did a great job otherwise and it tasted yummy!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

New ebay auction to raise money for Juvenile Diabletes

This bracelet Josie is up for auction right now - low low starting bid of $29.99. Beautiful faceted green crystal briolettes with Bali sterling silver. You gotta check it out.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Does anybody read my blog????

OK I have got a bit of my own challenge......to find our if anybody reads my blog and to get some more crafty ideas. Post a hello in the comments section of this post with a link to a picture of something cleverly crafty that you have made to get ready for Christmas, by December 12th. If I get a minimum of 10 posts by December 12th I will then add everyone's name in a drawing for one of my treat boxes filled with something yummy - I know a lot of people are afraid to eat homemade treats from strangers - so I will buy some candy or put some Star Hitched Wagon goodies in it. :) So tell your friends about this super cool blog you found called Curry Chaos - 'cause if I don't get 10 posts - no drawing. I know I am mean!!! :) I just really want some company on here! :) Merry Christmas!!!

Some of my accomplishments this weekend

There were a bunch of really cool challenges at the Jingle Bell crop at Feeling Scrappy - these are some my completed challenges.

Crop Challenge #10 Wrapping Paper

Use four different patterns of paper (must be from at least two different manufacturers) on a layout (single or double page is fine). You can use anything else on your layout in addition to the papers.

Mine: I used My Minds Eye, Basic Grey and Fancy Pants Designs Papers

The challenge - Crop Challenge #6 Wrap it up!
Alter a box!! (ie Priority mailing box, small cardboard box, a metal box, an old jewelry box…be creative.)
Use at least five things from this list on your box (you can use as much of these as you want and other items, too):
Paper, ribbon, paint, ink, stamped images, buttons, chipboard, brads, flowers, eyelets. One last thing-Tell us what you plan to do with it. These might make great gift boxes for the holidays. The possibilities are endless.

Mine: Plain brown hat box from Target. Think I will use mine for a gift.
My five things besides the patterned paper were:
1 brad
1 flower
2 eyelets
2 chipboard circles

This is the top:

Challenge #12--Holiday Dazzle - Final challenge for the Jingle Bell Crop!!! This challenge will be to make your page sparkle, shine, and shimmer using glitter, bling, jewels, or anything else sparkly.

Mine - I used rhinestone brads in the corners.

Challenge #5 - Santa's Blueprint

It is sketch time! Create a layout using the sketch below. This is a quick and easy one!

The sketch by Feeling Scrappy's talented Jayne Jones:

And mine:

Then another one of these fun treat boxes that I learned how to make from Split Coast Stampers.

Christmas Banister

This picture is for my mom - I am so exctied that I have a banister to decorate. I told her about it and she wanted to see - so here ya go!!!

Icky weather

For those who live in Omaha you heard about this horrible snow storm that was coming. Well it wasn't that bad although we sure didn't want to venture out much. But we didn't have to go without power or heat so all was good. We just stayed indoors ALL day. Here are some pictures - it did look pretty - although very very slick!

Christmas Crafts

So I knew I wanted to scrapbook this weekend with the Jingle Bell crop going on at Feeling Scrappy so I bought the kids craft projects so they too would be busy. They did such an awesome job. Macey painted the Santa, Connor painted the snowman and Xander painted a car (which I don't have a picture of). They did that Friday after school. Then yesterday Xander bugged Steve until he gave in and helped him do the fun penguins ornaments. Funny thing is because everything had to be hot glued Steve ended up doing it all and Xander got bored in a hurry. But Steve continued on until all 4 were finished. Didn't he do such a great job.