Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chronicles of a new hockey mom.....

...so let me start out by stating the obvious....I know very little about hockey...the rules, the proper  etiquette....for the players, for the mom, the dads, the fans....etc. 
I am a hockey mom for one....let's make that two....very simple reasons....because my boys want to be hockey players!!!  That's it...for them not me!  Not me at all!!!  Not ever!
I will learn the ropes as they do...but there are certain things I will NEVER become...I will never become that crazy mother who yells at other players because I feel my son has been roughed up unnecessarily!  NOT EVER!!!  Sure I may get mad - in fact I am very certain of it...I will cringe and have second thoughts about letting the boys play hockey....probably over and over again...but they love it and I  love that about them!!!  And I will learn to love hockey for them.  HOWEVER, I will not become a crazy abusive mother who yells at another woman's child!  Especially not at practice.  NOT EVER!!!  It's just scary!  Bullying is a bad thing....for children and especially for parents. 

Way to go boys!  I'm proud of you!  Skate hard, really hard.  Listen to the tips your given.  Give 110%!  ALWAYS!!!  Prove that you want it and you will get better and better!

And now to add a little humor and perspective - and a good reminder for me:

(taken from John Buccigross)

Hockey is an emotional game and your child has the attention span of a chipmunk on NyQuil. The hockey coach will yell a bit during practice; he might even yell at your precious little Sparky. As long as there is teaching involved and not humiliation, it will be good for your child to be taught the right way, with emphasis.