Monday, June 29, 2009

Some of our favorite places in Sheridan

We were lucky enough to visit some of our favorite places while in Sheridan:

Sibley Lake:

and Emerson Park - which we lovingly call the Crawdad Park - lots of picnic lunches here when we lived in Sheridan.

I really could move back to Sheridan - really I could.


I love going back to Sheridan because my bestest friends live there! They are truly the best. We just pick up where we left off. I miss them terribly!

Kim and Eric had all of us over for a bbq after the run on Saturday night - they have a beautiful home and the bbq was such fun - thank you guys SOOOOO much for inviting us all over. We all had such a great time.

Love this picture - he is just so handsome! :)

Kim and Eric had a couple of house guest from Australia and they really did keep us entertained - it was great to meet them! They are lucky enough to be traveling around the US for the next few months - just seeing the sites. Be safe and have fun Scott and Ben.

Vacation was wonderful

It was so good to be back in Miles City and Sheridan. Now we are back in Nebraska and I am missing my family and friends already.
Really we just relaxed, visited and enjoyed the getaway.

Enjoy some random pics from Miles City - up next Sheridan.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big Horn Mountain 50 Mile Run

He did it again! Woohoo! What a stud to commit to the training and then run 50 miles and a hard 50 miles for 11 hours and 41 mintues!
He rolled his ankle a couple times and is sportin one heck of a cankle. He's a little stiff and sore but otherwise he feels good.
I am so proud of you Steve!

Monday, June 15, 2009

One heck of a FANTASTIC evening!

Guess who this is:

COLDPLAY!!! I am not even kidding! :) This was on my list of ULTIMATE concerts that I just dreamed about going to - there were only 2 on the list:
And I, being one of the luckiest gals in the world, went to Coldplay this past weekend. YES I DID!!! It was even better than I imagined! OMG they are just amazing - I danced and bopped and felt like a kid. You can't help but dancing to their music! AMAZING!!
Snow Patrol was AWESOME as well - what GREAT music and really the perfect band to be on concert with Coldplay.
Before Snow Patrol was Howling Bells - they were good too! Close to 4 hours of music! Just awesome.
And the company was great! My sweet hubby was my date and my GREAT friend Denise and her friend Dave flew in for the weekend!
Oh what a night!!!
Seriously if you ever have the opportunity to see these guys in concert it is so worth every penny plus some!

This was WAAAAYYYY cool - they came to the back of the arena where we were sitting and sang a few songs - see how close they are. Ahhhh.....heaven! :)

By the way - have I mentioned how amazing this night was???????

Sorry about the blurry photos - cell phones can only do so much! :)

Giveaways are good

You all really really need to head on over to the Nesting Place she is doing giveaways all day long. And let me tell you they are FANTASTICALLY WONDERFUL giveaways. Really they are. There is a $50.00 gift certificate from Star Hitched Wagon™ in the mix. Just thought you would all like to know - who doesn't like a good giveaway.

And a big huge THANK YOU to Nester for the oh so sweet write up! I think I blushed. :)

Oh and a big HELLO to all those who are taking the time to visit the blog today! Hope you will come back often.

P.S.S Don't forget about this giveaway - it is still going on.

Ok that is it - have a LOVERLY day!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Color Inspiration - A New Day

This color combination just make me happy! So summery!

This set is so different for me - but once again - happy! Lots of great colors here.