Friday, December 2, 2011

All I Want for Christmas is....

...for my hubs to help me relocate my studio from the basement to our main floor!
And I told him so this morning!!

A bribe of no shopping for Christmas is HUGE!  Right?
Asking for help has not brought my studio up those stairs yet.  
I'd TOTALLY do it myself if I could drag those tables and bookshelves up the stairs all alone.
That might not be advisable?!?!

So here's the story...I have a WONDERFUL studio in our basement.  
A great space...but I HATE HATE HATE working down in the basement all by myself.  
LAME I know.  But I just guess what???  I don't go down there unless I have a deadline.  
Which could be why I am not paper crafting or playing with clay or scrapbooking!?!?! 

I miss my old studio and all the creativity that happened in there!!!

 Now if I had no other option I wouldn't even think about complaining.
I would just be over the moon that I had such a wonderful space all to my own!!!!  
BUT....we have a formal living room that NOBODY ever goes in.
A TOTAL wasted space...on the main floor...right off my kitchen!!!
It's pretty and warm and sunny.
A perfect place to create....

SO there ya have it...
Think I'll get my gift early?  Like maybe this weekend??

Or maybe when Macey gets here she can help me....

in that case...

 (source Home Decorators)

to hide all of my studio supplies!!

:) he he he (: