Tuesday, December 11, 2007

XMan's Birthday

So my little Xanderman - my baby - turned 7 this past week. Makes me a bit sad. SO NOT ready for my baby to be 7. But he was so excited to be 7 - now he is the only one in his class to be 7 and he thinks that is pretty cool beans.
So I am a bad mommy and knew I didn't want to do a big party where we have to chase tons of kids around some big pizza arcade so I suggested a video game party with pizza and cake - with just a few friends for a couple of hours at our home. The other option was - take a few friends to the movie and then out for sit down pizza at a non-arcade type of place. He was way excited about the video game party at home. So we rented 4 video games for the XBox and Wii and they had a blast. He is now $45.00 richer and got some very cool gifts. Lots of legos, a Star Wars Transformer, a Journal, the softest blanket ever, a cool Play Costume book (which I have to admit I though was a little advanced for him - but he is such an artist - that he has already started making his play props based on the books ideas. Boy Nanny Suzy knows this boy well). He is one lucky 7 year old!!!

On a very funny side note - we picked up his cake, paid for it, brought it home - never once opening it to make sure it was right - just assumming. Then Steve went to serve it after dinner - and he says who the heck is Sander - we of course all laugh and say yeah right. He adds - no really this cakes says Sander!!! WHAT????? I spelled it for the lady at the bakery. Oh well...we all got a good laugh - and I am sure he will always remember that cake! :) They did a great job otherwise and it tasted yummy!!!