Sunday, December 2, 2007

Does anybody read my blog????

OK I have got a bit of my own find our if anybody reads my blog and to get some more crafty ideas. Post a hello in the comments section of this post with a link to a picture of something cleverly crafty that you have made to get ready for Christmas, by December 12th. If I get a minimum of 10 posts by December 12th I will then add everyone's name in a drawing for one of my treat boxes filled with something yummy - I know a lot of people are afraid to eat homemade treats from strangers - so I will buy some candy or put some Star Hitched Wagon goodies in it. :) So tell your friends about this super cool blog you found called Curry Chaos - 'cause if I don't get 10 posts - no drawing. I know I am mean!!! :) I just really want some company on here! :) Merry Christmas!!!