Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Snow Day???

So no school for the kids today - which means no work for me today. I have to say I work with some awesomely understanding people. I am not sure that there is enough snow to warrant a snow day. I am soooo not complaining though - I enjoy being at home with the boys. Driving in these conditions when people drive as fast as they do around here - makes my head hurt - so I am totally enjoying my day home without driving.

Macey spent the night at a friends - which is of couse exactly what a young teenage girl should do on a snow day, right? I wouldn't know - I never had a snow day! :) But she was excited.
The boys and I actually SLEPT IN until 10:00 am - can you believe that??? We haven't slept in like that for a while. It felt good - all cozy under those covers. I can say it is so nice being home today. I haven't been feeling well since Friday night so the rest and relaxation is wonderful. I feel sorry for Steve that he too didn't get a snow day - he isn't feeling well either - and I am sure he could have used the rest and relaxation.
Ummmm....I made pancakes upon request - which I can honestly say - were the most horrible looking pancakes I have ever made. I enjoy cooking/baking - but me and pancakes - yeah we just have a troubled relationship. I just can't make good ones. The boys didn't complain - and they did taste good. Only complaint - we had enough maple for firsts but then we ran out so seconds had to be covered in corn syrup - Connor didn't think that tasted so good. Sorry boys - mom tried.
So now I am updating my blog and reading other peoples blogs. Thinking about scrapbooking - still in my pj's - it's a good day! And even better - my awesome neighbor Tom - snowblowed(sp?) my sidewalks and driveways - AGAIN! Can you believe that??? How flippin' cool is that???? I need to bake them some goodies or a dinner or something. Again - it's a good day! To all those out there in this winter wonderland - drive safely and be warm.