Friday, January 6, 2012

My Girls Crafty...

Check this out!!!

She's crafty!

And she's good!!  :)

The kids have always been interested in craft projects around
the holidays but I didn't think it went beyond that.
I did craft with them throughout the years - little projects here and there 
but sometimes looking back I worry I might have been too stingy 
about my craft time...not really wanting to share that time 
as much as I should have.  Maybe I would have been surprised sooner.
And maybe I started the fire just enough so it would come out at just the right time.

Miss has all these great craft projects she would love to do...
I'm impressed!

Now on to her wreath.  
She made this for her "Big" (her words not mine).
The fun of sorority life.

She used her sorority colors - aqua and grey 
(and we added the black since we couldn't find grey tulle)
She used almost 3 full rolls (at least 2 1/2) in the aqua and black color.
6" spools from Michael's Celebrate It brand.
1 spool of glittery silver/grey ribbon. 
(we had glitter coming out our ears - just ask the boys of the house - they were not amused)
I am not sure of the exact size of the wreath because I have already boxed it up, 
but I think it was a 12" foam wreath form - also from Michael's.
We followed these basic directions.

It's huge!!!  From end of tulle to end of tulle it is about 27".

I Love It.
Now I want to find an online supplier of fun colors of tulle
so she can make me one for:
Valentine's Day
and one for Easter
and one for Birthday months
and one for Halloween
and I think you get the picture!!  :)
Oh and for gifts!  What an awesome gift this would/will make!