Sunday, January 8, 2012

New studio....

So I did it!!

I moved the studio up from the dungeon!!! 
All by myself.  OK not entirely true...
Connor helped me with the three big pieces of furniture.
Just couldn't drag them up those darn stairs without help. 
If I could have I would have.  I promise. 

 Now it sits prettily upstairs

(P.S. Want a pair of these wings?  Contact Shelley and see if she's game!!)

SOOOO much better!  I am so lucky I had two spaces to pick from.
The ONLY draw back is that there is no over head light so I need to
invest in some good task lighting so I can see what I'm working on 
when it's gloomy out and at night!  But that's easy! 

Love it!

Oh and what's really cool is that since it is connected to the
dining room if I ever have friends/family over to craft or scrap
we can use the dining room table to spread out and won't have
to run up and down the stairs to get supplies!!!  Nope!
This also means there will be plenty of room for X-Man 
to work on homework, puzzles, drawing, or other projects he's working on.
All close by!  Just in case he wants to visit or he needs my help.


From this:

(which was very nice)

to this:

(which is just plain awesome)

So much happier.

Only thing left to do is hang up all my fun art work and shelves!!  
Steve??  I need your help on that one.

Now no excuse to not make lots of creative lovelies.