Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day Number 5

Well we are home again today - snow day!!!  Woohoo - unfortunately this means the district has used up the built in snow days so we will be taking away from out summer break...Our kids have been off for 3 weeks now and they have a lot of energy that needs to be burned off - that PE class is calling their names.  But they are really enjoying the break. 

So yesterday I got around to making an adorable little bird out of sculpey (just a sneak peak - when I am done painting and adding wings and embellishments I will share the whole thing)

I painted two hearts cut out of canvas material - I mixed a few colors and brayered them - which is such a FUN way to paint/mix colors (I will be making several of these and then turning them into a pretty little valentines banner)

And we played connect 4.  No cleaning or bop it - I guess I did shovel my driveway and a pathway on our deck for our Sadie-girl - but again it was a lazy good day.  It's so cold outside - it's such a huge blessing to be so warm inside. 

What did you do???

Today I am finishing the above bird and making more canvas hearts - and some canvas birds - and scrapbooking.  I would also like to play bop-it - cause it's fun and silly!

What about you??  I do hope you are enjoying your day!