Friday, January 8, 2010

Guess what?

We have another snow day!!!  :)  See the snow drift behind the boys (the one that is taller than Xander) - that is our yard which is flat - not a hill.  That is how much snow we have - looks like a ski town around here.  The fence in the backyard that we hope contains Sadie - well there is so much snow that if it holds her weight (it's getting pretty crusty) she could just walk right out over the top of it. 

Anywho.....this means more time for acting silly:

And lots of time to create!  Yesterday I made scones from scratch!

I have been wanting to make scones from scratch forever - I have never done it before - don't know why.  Let me tell you - if you want your house to smell terrific before guests come - this is the thing to bake.  It was like heaven.  And by the way - easy.  I made plain and blueberry and I love them.  Xander and Macey? Maybe not so much - but I think Connor and Steve like them.  Look how pretty they are:

 I enjoyed one for breakfast with my coffee - there are plenty left if you want to come over and join me!!!  :)

 AND I am so excited to show you my finished bird - I am in LOVE!!!  This was the funnest thing to make ever!

Meet Fiona:

Isn't she just about the sweetest little thing ever!

It's been a productive week!  I may or may not have spent the majority of my time in my pjs - in the house - but I have done a lot - I have already tried a few new things - so my resolution of trying something new every month is working!

New things tried this month:

1.  Sculpting (well sort of)

2.  Painting on canvas

3.  Bird Making :)

4.  Scones from Scratch

I still want to know what you are up to.....please share.

So today I am working on more of these:

 Hope you are all having a super productive - silly - in your pjs kind of day!  Stay warm!