Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Love it all....

I think this will be my motto for this year
because we should - love it all - it makes us who we are....we are right where we are supposed to be.
I look back over the years and I think of how much time I wasted wishing for better - now I look back to those moments - the same times I was wishing for more - and I think wow we were lucky then....
like when we lived 8 miles outside of Sheridan in a house we paid pennies for each month in rent - it wasn't so pretty on the outside - dirt lawn and weeds instead of grass and a few other cosmetic issues - I was embarrassed at times because we didn't own our own house and because it was a little rough. But you know what??? We were TREMENDOUSLY lucky to have lived there for the 5 years we did - what a HUGE blessing. We lived next to a river! We had deer and pheasant and turkey and herons and rabbits and coyotes and owls in our yard!!! It was beautiful - the stuff dreams are made of. We explored the river banks and fields - oh how we explored! We went shed hunting and fishing and hunting and sledding and for walks as a family - often - almost in our backyard. Sadie and Macey and Connor explored and had fun - such a freedom - such a wonderful experience - wonderful memories.

Then it was time to move - we bought our first home in a beautiful location in Sheridan. It was a wonderful house - so close to the grade school and all the things we needed. We enjoyed playing at the parks, running our scenic routes, walks, and wonderful times with wonderful friends - my best friends for life - a good life that we all enjoyed. A new season in our life that was perfect. But I wanted more. I thought a bigger city would bring about more opportunity and more fun - so guess what we moved after two years - to the big city - and I have spent a lot of time the past two years wishing for it all back.
So I need to stop seeking for bigger and better. To stop living in the past. To LIVE RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW!! Because it is beautiful. We have each other - we continue to be blessed - all our needs are met and most of our wants.
So this year I will focus on art and family and friends and spirituality and personal growth. These are the things that bring me the greatest pleasure.

So what's your motto - how do you want to live your life? I really would love to hear.

Tomorrow I will post a list of fun things I would like to accomplish this year!