Thursday, December 31, 2009

A List:

Ok I know I have done these lists before - and I probably have done less than a quarter of the things on said lists - but it's still fun to dream.  And hey my list might inspire you to try something new!

I have decided to do 6 changes in the year 2010.  I like the approach so I hope to be successful. 
One of my changes will be to become a learner or adventurer or a doer - not sure which word best works.  But basically I want to try new things this year - learn - be taught - grow/bloom -  not be such a chicken to try new things.  

So this is my list of things I would like to try - a large list - that I will add to as I discover new things - my goal is to try at least one new thing a month.  That's reasonable right?

1.  Dancing lessons with my McDreamy - I just think this would be so fun - not because we are in dance type settings all that often - but for that exact reason it would be fun - it gives us a reason to dance.  Dancing is good for the soul. 

2.  Sew more - I would love to be able to really sew - not quilts right now - but decorative home items - and more stitching with paper/scrapbooking.  
maybe they will be just what I need to get started.

3.  Collage - The Art Mill in Omaha has a class on the calender for January that looks good.  I have also found several books I would like to purchase on the subject.

4.  Yoga - classes are rather expensive so I am not sure I will actually join a studio - but our on demand selection of fitness classes in wonderful - so I will start with that.  (Actually this really will be one of my 6 changes - incorporating yoga/walking/fitness every day)

5.  Try lots of new recipes - I am in a total recipe rut - and I want to cook healthier.  Maybe try a cooking class - Whole Foods, and Williams and Sonoma all have cooking classes.  OK - I just signed up for a free Italian Comfort Foods class at Williams - Sonoma - free how cool!!

6.  I want to crochet something - other that my funky cuff I made my niece Maggie over Christmas break.  My mom taught me the basics - so I will keep practicing.  She does BEAUTIFUL work - I wish it was as easy for me as it is for her.  Our favorite beanies and scarfs are all made by mom - LOVE THEM!!!

7.  Blacksmith Classes - yes I can actually take a blacksmith class at the Loken Forge - wouldn't that just be amazing????  

8.  Glass Blowing

9.  Wood Turning

10.  Ceramics - these last three can all be done at the Omaha Creative Institute for a wonderfully affordable price.  $35.00 per class.  Class are located at the Hot Shops Art Center - which is the coolest art gallery and artists studios.  How fun to just be in that creative environment! 
The Art Mill also has ceramics classes - that is where I did my first ceramics piece - I love working with my hands - creating something totally organic and me. 

11.  Paintball - this will be a summer thing.  Connor really wanted to do this last summer and we didn't get it done.  I think it would be a blast to do this with our whole family (minus Xander cause he is just too young - bummer).  What good fun!!! 

12.  A tropical vacation!  :)  This would be something new - and we have already agreed that we will do this sometime during 2010.  What a learning experience.  We haven't decided where - Belize, The Bahamas, Greece - who knows.  But it will be wonderful! 

13.  I would like to incorporate the Card Drop concept into my life - how fun would it be to find one of these little gems out on your daily routine.  Even better to leave them for others to find.  I might feel a little goofy tucking them into places - but it will be worth it.     

14.  Tai Chi - The Om Center has really affordable classes - I just think it would be cool.

15.  Etching metal - I have the supplies - I am just to chicken to take the plunge.  It's really cold now and working outside really isn't feasible - so imight wait till summer.  I just don't have the right set up to do it inside yet...which leads me to:

16.  Set up a silversmith shop in my basement - we have a unfinished basement - so it would be perfect setup - just a small table with a small tank, some ventilation, a grinder/polisher, a locked cabinet for chemicals.  Oh the beautiful things I could create.  The things I could learn.

17.  And right in there with this - take an Intermediate Silversmithing class at The Silversmith.  There is a lot I still need to learn and just to feel more comfortable - plus it's fun to meet new people.  

18. Batik - I am so sad I missed the Class at The Art Mill - she has another one coming up in January.

19. Encaustics - I have been watching lots of You Tube videos - it just looks so cool.  The Art Mill has a class on this as well!!!  I won't teach myself this - I will definitely go to The Art Mill to do this as it might get messy and stinky and again I don't have the right studio for that yet.....maybe if I get different floors in my studio then......but that is a different year!  :)

20.  Plant a vegetable garden.  Steve and I talked a bit about this at the end of summer.  We have plenty of space in our backyard for raised beds.  We might give it a shot.  I do not have a green thumb - I am rather impatient and sort of lazy with the weeding and upkeep - but I REALLY want homegrown vegetable - so I will learn - I will give it a shot - I am sure there are gardening classes I could take plus books to read.  This would be a perfect family project.  It will take a lot of hard work but we can do it. 

Whew - what a list - and there are so many other things - if you have stayed with me this long - thanks - if not that is ok - maybe I have inspired you to try something new as well.  If you have a list of new things to learn - please do share - maybe I want to try that too!!  :)  

It's a good year to grow - to widen our horizons - to LOVE IT ALL!!!

And here is a little something for you to think of - thanks to :

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!”
—Theodor "Dr. Seuss" Geisel

(1904-1991); Writer, Cartoonist