Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Studio

I love my studio - it truly is my favorite room in the house. I have posted on this before - but I just love it in here - it's where all the magic happens - OK not all but most! :)
BUT...other than 1 tray of beads and 1 bowl of beads - there isn't much that would indicate that a jewelry artisan lives here. So I am really trying to figure out how to change that - I have my eye out for pretty bead storage - so I can keep them out and look at them. I don't really want the plastic containers I currently use out on display - I want the studio to be reflective of who I am... I am in desperate need of another bookshelf and a nicer desk for the kid computer - both piece would give more storage options - which we are in major need of.
I did work on something last night - I went "shopping" around my house (I went to the basement where my show displays were) and brought a bunch of goodies to the studio and created this wonderful display - I LOVE IT! Now I can spotlight my favorite pieces or "Hot Off the Bench" pieces.

What do you think? And for you jewelry artisans that read this - how do you store your beads? Are you all about function and not worried about eye appeal? I would love to see your studios!