Thursday, May 28, 2009

End of one - Start of another

Tomorrow is the last day of first grade, fifth grade and tenth grade. Wow - where does the time go. It seems like these three kiddoes were babies just yesterday. I really want the years to slow down so we can enjoy more of each other. :) Ahhh look at those sweet little faces above - wow 4 years brings about a lot of change. Just look at them now:

So we are wrapping up the year and of course that leads us to teacher gifts. It's always fun making pieces for the kids teachers. Usually the kids ask their teachers what their favorite colors to wear are. The boys really do get excited. Xander remembered this year to ask - we know his teachers favorite color is pink so I came up with - You are a Star - thought the stars were fitting for a teacher. He gave it a two thumbs up - and said it was perfect - that she would love it - I really do appreciate his enthusiasm!

Connor forgot to ask his teacher - he says she wears a lot of blue - but blues a tough one so I went with black - because black works with everything. And I really love the bog sardonyx pendants - so cool! I really love how this necklace turned out - Midnight Oil. I hope she likes it - his teacher really was a fantastic teacher - a perfect way to end grade school.

We are excited that tomorrow is the last day of school. Looking forward to a lazy summer - with a little bit of adventure thrown in there. Maybe some pottery classes for the whole lot of us - a little swimming - a lot of running and walking and biking - some tennis - some trails - snail hunting - some travel - some Montana - some Wyoming - who knows - but I think it's gonna be a good one. If you want to join us please do - we really do love company!!

Happy Summer to you all!!!