Thursday, April 2, 2009


Hybrid Mom + HSN + a phone call that made me giddy like a child!

Some time ago I was asked if Hybrid Mom could present Star Hitched Wagon's jewelry to HSN - it was like a dream. So after designing and sending and waiting I got the disappointing rejection email. I FAILED. I was so sad - I wanted it so bad - SO BAD. So I cried and even felt a little sorry for myself - but then I brushed myself off and started thinking of the good things that this represented.

1st of all what an honor that Stacey from Hybrid Mom believed enough in Star Hitched Wagon. It was something - something I should feel good about.

2nd Star Hitched Wagon made it to be viewed by those at HSN - some never get that far.

3rd This might just be the most important - It allowed me to dream big - I believed enough in myself to leap.

So I keep dreaming and believing - if I was asked that question who knows what will be asked of me next....

Thanks to Beth at The One-Minute Writer for today's great prompt - it allowed me to write about something that I have wanted to share in writing for some time to add to a scrapbook page - I will share when it's finished.....