Thursday, April 2, 2009

She will scatter joy

You must run on over to my friend Erin's blog - Treasures Found. Why? Well many reasons - but she is doing a generous giveaway - a W.O.W. pendant. It's beautiful. She is encouraging us all to scatter joy. An easy thing if we all just put some thought into it. So will you do it - tell her how you will scatter joy this week?
While you are there you really should read her other posts. She writes from the heart - she truly inspires. You won't be disappointed.

So how will I be scattering joy? I promise to be thoughtful to this concept as I go through my days - it is so easy to scatter joy - give a happy smilie hello - hold a door - pay a compliment - pay for the next person in lines coffee - I have always wanted to pay for a coffee for a stranger - don't know why I haven't yet - such an easy thing. More smiles and yeses(sp?) and fun and giving and bending at home with my hubby and kids - truly important.

I look forward to reading your responses on Erin's blog - I'm sure I will be inspired by your thoughfulness!!! Have a beautiful day!