Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We Made It

We made it home safely on Saturday. We made great time too! The blowing snow was pretty bad til about Mitchell, South Dakota (about 5 hours worth of bad driving) but after that roads were clear - just super cold.
Now we are enjoying some family time!!!! I love being at mom and dad's! It's just home. Jodi and I did a little Walmart shopping which is the norm when I come home. We also took facebook pictures of ourselves - which I will of course post when I get back to Omaha. You know what I am talking about - those super ridiculous photos you see on teenagers facebook pages - like the sexy look, the party face, anywho we amuse ourselves greatly Played a little bingo with the girls - Maggie won - and she was super excited. Had some coffee and a good visit with Grandma - and she made us a huge batch of waffle iron cookies - heaven!!!!!!!! And I have already had a paco and some Airport Inn pizza and a Eggnog Latte from Kafe Utza!! :) Life is good. (cause of course food makes life good)
Anywho...my little sister Jamie and her hubby and his daughter will be here tonight! Woohoo!! I will make sure to get her super ridiculous facebook pictures as well.
Suzy - Steve's mom - will be here tonight or tomorrow. I will feel better after everyone who is traveling makes it safely.
Mom's making her carmel rolls for Christmas morning - can't wait - Xander is helping! Last minute shopping tonight with the sisters and then last minute wrapping while watching The Family Stone.
As I said life is good - of course life is good when we are in Omaha - but being home is well HOME!!!!
Macey is having a nice time too hanging out with Megan and Kyle. Kyle and Macey met at a summer camp outside of Sheridan a few years ago - and they have kept in touch over the years - it's nice to have Friends as well as family to hang out with. They did get into an accident last night which was a tad stressful for them - I am just so glad they were ok. Connor is helping papa this morning clear the walks at their home, grandmas and their rental. Connor is in charge of the snow blower. My Xander man is vegging and helping nanny - waiting for the girls to come over so they can play. They love nanny and papas hot tub so they have used that a couple of times.
Tomarrow the festivities start - Christmas Mass at 4, then festivities at Jodi and Brady's after mass, and then if it isn't too yucky - we will take the kids for a drive to try and spot Santa and his reindeer and to look at lights. Then of course Christmas Day - starts early with gifts then a fabulous feast in the afternoon. What do you and yours do for the holidays? I'd love to hear about your traditions! Leave a comment here and link back to your blog post. Here is my top 10 of favorite traditions:
10. Carmel Rolls
9. Waffle Iron Cookies
8. Pazzelles
7. The Family Stone on Christmas eve
6. One Santa gift on Christmas eve
5. New Christmas jammies for the whole family (will post pictures after Christmas)
4. Christmas Eve Mass with the whole family
3. Opening stocking stuffers super early
2. Cavatelles
1. Being with family
I guess this post was a lot of rambling - mostly a journal for me so I can read and re-read what a great time we had.
I hope you and yours have a wonderful Holiday! Travel safe!