Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Highlights

Before we enter 2013 I have to go back over some of the things that stand out.
Reminds me of the tremendous blessings we have been given.
Also reminds me of where I want to go in the year to come.
Moved my studio to the main floor of our house!
 Best decision!
Love my studio!

   State hockey tournaments for the boys.

Took the kids to a Canucks game in Denver!
Such fun!

Brought our little Gregor home!!
 Such a sweet sweet addition to our family!
Despite what Steve thinks!


Macey came home from college for her summer break.
 The five of us made a Huge Chinese dinner!  Great fun!  And delish!

Ran my first Marathon.

Camping in the Big Horns!  LOVE camping!

Angela's Shower in Miles City
 and karaoke and dancing like nobody's business!!!

 Awesome hike at Bud Love

The fam came over and we took a camping trip in the Big Horns.

 The kids and I took a road trip to see my sister Jamie in Sand Point, Idaho.
 Awesome trip...
One of the most GORGEOUS drives...
from Missoula to Sand Point!
 We were all truly in awe of Nature's Beauty!

First wholesale order for Star Hitched Wagon.

 Took an awesome jewelry class from Deryn Mentock.


First art festival of the year for Star Hitched Wagon.
Big West in Sheridan is always a terrific weekend!
Mom and Dad came to help out as well as Auntie Carol. 
Their help is HUGE!!!  And it's so fun to have them there along with me.
Another huge highlight Bob and Jo drove down from Denver to suprise me!
Awesome treat!
Really great weekend!


Angela and Jono's gorgeous Big Sky wedding.
 A wonderfully fun weekend with family in a truly gorgeous location!
 The kids and I also went on our first zip line!

Born in a Barn Sale in Sheridan...Shelley and Jill put on a fabulous show!


Steve and Bob ran Le Grizz in Hungry Horse, MT.
Jo and I went along as the support team!  What a great trip!
LOVE western Montana!



 Meg's 21st Birthday.
 (cake made by Jodi)


Star Hitched Wagon did the Horseshoe Holiday Market in Denver.
An awesome show!
Steve and the boys and Bob and Jo helped out soooo much.  
Had to be completely unloaded, set up and ready for customers in less that 90 minutes!
We did it thanks to EVERYONE'S help!
Jo and I sold the day away and got to interact with some really awesome customers!
Moved Macey back excited she will be starting school at MSU in the fall!