Monday, February 13, 2012

Hello Monday...

Hello to our first Monday with a 14 year old son!!!  :)

Hello swollen eye - adult acne sucks!

Hello sore muscles - but I am so glad to have yoga back in my life.

Hello week 4 of  training!!  3 whole weeks and 46 miles down - only 16 weeks and about 465 miles to go!!!

Hello contractor - thank you for replacing that missing piece of siding!

Hello handmade Valentines!!  What a clever idea (his mouth is where the kids will put in the Valentines!!!

Hello aromatherapy classses - I promise to start working on you!

Hello design work...can't wait to make you two realities!!

Hello to a wonderful REAL life, full of opportunities, choices, and blessings!!

 And as always a big thanks to Lisa Leonard for such a fun idea!