Monday, February 6, 2012

Hello Monday...

Hello struggles to get out of bed on time...just how many times did I push the snooze button today?
SO thankful Steve went in later today so he could bring Connor to school.
This means an extra few minutes of sleep for Xander and I!!

Hello bright and sunshiny day!  
You may be cold but I do love your rays!

Hello little man's beat up not really beat up
...and no it wasn't that rough of a hockey game this weekend.  
Sadie was just so happy to see him - he ended up taking a paw and a claw to the nose.  
Poor kid.
Hello mouth full of missing teeth?  
Can you even chew?  
The tooth fairy has made you rich these past few weeks.

Hello scrappy goodness all over my floor...
I just can't make myself put you away I will probably use you today...
and tomorrow...
and the next day...
and the next...
I do have to vacuum at some point.

Hello 28th layout in 2012!!  
I am so excited to have some scrappy goodness back in my life!
Think I might tell you this often!!!  :)

Hello delicious new coffee discovery - oh how I love you!!

Hello Week 3 of training...
I know it's early but I am really feeling good about this!
I am really enjoying my time running.
Praying that it lasts right up until I cross that finish line on June 3rd.

A big thanks to Lisa Leonard for such a fun idea!
Makes me think Monday's aren't so bad after all!!  
Lots of wonderful things to love this Monday!!!  
How about you?  
What does your Monday bring?