Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Petals - Thanks Lee

I am pretty sure I have mentioned my friend Lee about a dozen or so times on my blog - her blog is such a bright spot!!!  And she shares the most wonderful or projects, ideas, inspirations....LOVE it all!!  I take many ideas from Lee and run with them.  (I do give credit though - so that makes it OK right???)  You really must add her to your blog roll!  She won't disappoint!  Not one little bit!

Anywho...todays post was awesome!!!  Moved me to get busy right away I tell ya!!!  She was inspired by Hope Wallace Karney's Pen and Paper: Living Between the Lines post on A Beautiful Ripple Effect's blog.  WOW!!!  Did ya get all that???  Hover over each and click on the links I provided!  All wonderful!

So like I said I get busy RIGHT away!  I was just so excited to do something a little pretty, a little creative and document where I am at right now!  As a scrapbooker I take a lot of time documenting those big moments in our lives and the fun little moments in the kids lives but I forget to include me specific projects.  This year that is changing - One Little Word and Project Life are both giving me the opportunity to document where I am at today - to share a little more of me with those who will want to know some day.  And also for me to look back and see how I've changed/grown/blossomed?!?!?!

The petals of petals are all things that I am!!!  They really are - but some need more attention than others.  They are things that I have really been working towards and want to continue working on - they are essential for me to be a whole me...which is what I really want most.

Hope posted a list of questions/prompts to get a little more out of this fun little exercise.  This totally works for me - I need specific guidance...
I added each question to a 2.5" x 3.5" card and then wrote down my answers/thoughts.  I really love how it turned out - very simple - not all crazy embellished up - but it is exactly what is on my mind lately.  Good to document it.

It will be interesting to look back and maybe do this again in a month or two like she encourages.  Or how about in a year.  Here's to hoping that I make strides towards achieving/incorporating more of all of these!