Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello Monday...

Hello nice lazy Monday - no school for the boys means sleeping in and taking it easy.

Hello time to scrapbook.

Hello day 5 of my beautiful Shellac'd nails!  LOVE!!!

Hello beads - what shall I send Marie Jane Dodd for the 5th Bead Soup???

Hello little bowl of dark chocolate chips - my excuse?  It's good for my health.

Hello treadmill and having you at home.

Hello sweet little birdies - oh how I love seeing you.
Think I might try to make some friends for you this week!!!

Hello new snow.

Hello gorgeous roses!  You make me happy and still look beautiful on day 5.

Hello Battleship with my favorite 11 year old!!

Hello yummy Banana Bread baking in our over!  Smells delish!

How's your Monday looking??? 
Thanks to Lisa Leonard for this fun idea of Hello Monday!!!