Monday, August 2, 2010


..that I haven't scrapbooked since February or March.  Not one single page.  :(  This past winter/spring I moved all of my scrapbooking supplies off of my desk and replaced them with my jewelry supplies so I could create more freely. But this cut off the creative scrapbooking energy!  I am not even kidding.  I have stayed busy enough with jewelry that I haven't missed it too much - but I have SOOOOOOOOO many photos to scrap - all of Maui, all of Montana and Wyoming, Meg's much to get done.
So I need some easy challenges to get me back in the rhythm.  Any suggestions???  And challenges from you to me?  :)

I have decided I need two desks - one for scrappin and one for jewelry - then I can work on both in one day without having to clear one of the other projects off.  I need to "re-do" the studio.

Here is my idea file:

Sticking with these colors:

Aqua, red, green and black and the walls will stay yellow for now....

I asked my dad if I could have this table some time ago - it was just sitting in their laundry room holding paint cans, etc....a storage work table.

I finally had room to bring it back with me - it's adorable - and it has two leaves and adorable legs.
It's is bad shape right now but I am planning on stripping it and thinking of painting it red or aqua or green or black - what do you think????  This will be the jewelry table.

Then I have to come up with a plan to fit in:

My current desk - which will be the scrap desk:

My bookshelves:

I would really love a comfy chair to sit in this corner.  For a while I stole this chair from our living room set to keep in here - but we really needed the extra seating in our living room - so now this corner stores baskets and bins and their is no comfy seating for hubby to come visit me while I am working.  I hate it.

As silly as it sounds I am thinking of maybe adding this:

Super cheap and they are rather comfy - we'll see.  It's either that or this:

:)  Or neither - just need something affordable and something comfy! 

Want art work like this:

The Little Heart Collector Print from Carambatack

Forget Not Print from Mae Chevrette

Cala print by Joleyn

I really want a collection of lanterns similar to these:

Above from Bird in Hand  Below from Lackluster Co.

Really would love fun bead and embellishment storage like this From DK General Store:
I also need a storage cabinet of some sort with doors or drawers to hide supplies I don't use all the time.  I kind of like these:

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if you have any tips or photos of things you think of that would look good in the re-organized/re-prettied studio.  It's so fun to plan and collect ideas!

I think that is it for today - again thanks for sticking with me to the end.....:)