Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family makes the world go 'round...

 (The above picture so cracks me up - me, my sister Jamie, my cousin Meg rockin out hard (because apparently that's what we did in the 80's) and my sister Jodi looks like the goodie-too-shoes - who is thinking "Oh I am so gonna tell mom and dad")

After our weekend in Sheridan we headed to my home town - Miles City.  I love going home - staying my parents is so wonderfully relaxing.  I love sipping coffee on my parents deck - so nice - even when it's hot their swing in the shade is dreamy.  Spending time with my parents, grandma, aunt, cousin, sister, bil and nieces is always a wonderful time.
I wish I would have had more time for visiting while I was home (I think the kids got a little bored with me working so much).  I did a lot of jewelry making - a last minute rush to be fully "stocked" for my first trunk show.  It was a very successful show.  I loved it.  (Here's where I hang my head and whisper)  Man was I unorganized.  I learned many a lessons.  Like:
*Don't forget to get change.
*Good lighting is essential.
*Price and label pieces as I make them to save lots of stress and worry later.
*Better signage.
*Need a better display system.....
Really I could do a whole blog post on tips for a better trunk show...hmmm...maybe one for a future Star Hitched wagon blog post.  But over all a successful show - had lots of help that I REALLY appreciated (Mom and Jodi's baking, Meg pricing, mom running to get change, Jodi's organizing and "ringing" people up)

After 5 days in MC we all headed to Ennis to stay with my sister and her fam - and to celebrate her birthday - 80's style.  What a blast. 

Yeah we are cool - we know it.  The outfits cracked me up - big huge bright plastic jewelry, mesh shirt, pegged jeans, big hair, side ponies, multi-layered socks, pink shirt and blazers for boys, lots of bright makeup.

The rest of the week was spent enjoying each other's company and the beautiful scenery around Ennis.  We told ghost stories around the camp fire (ok mom and Carol and the kids did - oh how cute they were), Jamie and Dad did a little deck dancing (pictures below) - really just having a wonderful time.  I love Ennis!!  (oh and I won a 50/50 pot at the Ennis 4th of July parade - woohoo)

Above - Dad and Jamie deck dancing and singing to a little Lady Antebellum - hilarious.  This is why I love my family - never a dull moment.

We did get to spend some time in Virginia and Nevada City - it's such a wonderful place.

 My beautiful auntie Carol!!

I love being with my family - the people I can laugh with - those who think I am funny when no one else does.  We love lots and laugh lots!  These are my people......I love you and miss you guys.....

More photos in and around Ennis:

Thank for sticking with me for that long - it's so hard to weed out images when you take well over 1000 photos - especially when they are such great memories/moments or breathtaking scenery....