Thursday, July 22, 2010


.....trudging back into the waters of blogging!  :)  It's hard to get started again after being gone for so long....
But I do have a ton to share - amazing photos from my most fabulous month long get-a-way to Montana and Wyoming.  Yup - you heard me right - almost 4 whole weeks.  Our journey began on Thursday, June 24th and ended Monday, July 19th.

We visited:

(I love these girls)

Miles City - sadly I have not a single photo from Miles City!!!  :(


Virginia City

Nevada City


Missoula - darn it Macey has some good ones somewhere!

Big Fork



and Bozeman

All of this equals perfection.....lots of family - lots of fun!!!
I even squeezed in a most successful trunk show at mom and dad's!!!  Woohoo!!!  (Can I just add really quick how great Star Hitched Wagon™ has been doing the last few months - lots of new customers, lots of sales - the dream I tell you.....)
I really miss family being out here in Nebraska.  When we were in Wyoming I didn't go over 6 - 8 weeks without seeing someone in our family - now sometimes we go a full 6 months.  It sucks to be perfectly honest.  So this trip made up for that.
Another big reason I decided to take this trip is that our boys are becoming city boys (Macey does ok)  and that doesn't thrill me.....I see why - we don't live an outdoorsy life much at all anymore.  I wanted to make sure that during this trip they had little game and computer and tv time and tons of outdoor time.  I think I achieved that.  We loved it - we did miss Steve though - a lot!!!!  And our Sadie girl....
And one last thing
(so not a good photo of me - but the only one of the "road trip")
I feel a bit braver now - this trip was a big deal (to me) - I did it by myself (sort of - the kids were great company and great help) I logged a ton of miles on the ole Suburban and I was thrilled to be doing so!!!  Can I just say - dang that Deborah Garmin get's you from place to place easily....:)
More details will come - like an 80's party, deck dancing, ghost stories by the fire pit, 50/50 winnings, 4th of July parade, creeks and rivers and lakes - oh my! And lots of family!!!
I just found my camera cord this afternoon - I have a ton of editing to do and this was about all I could handle.  So much beauty I promise....