Friday, June 11, 2010

Creativity Bootcamp - Day 2

boot camp
In creative news......I am participating in Creativity Boot Camp.  Our coach is Maegan of Madeline Bea Photography - my medium of course being jewelry - not photography.  I am really enjoying it - it feels good to sit down and write out thoughts that come from the journal prompts.  The community of support, the prompts, the loads of inspiration from the fabulous flickr gallery, connecting with other artists who are on the right path - those who have found their confidence - which of course inspires me to keep moving or understanding those  who might struggle with calling themselves artists.  It causing me to dream and put my dreams in written form, helping me to set goals, hold myself accountable and get out of my own way.  And the creative prompts - they are stretching me to think of new inspirations....what comes to mind with just one word.....I love it.  If you are interested I have posted my creations on the Star Hitched Wagon™ blog.

So here will be my place to post my journal prompts - read or don't - either way it's all good!  :)

Day 2

I call myself an artist - to myself, also to family and friends.  I am confident enough to put it in my email signature or talk about it in blog posts and on facebook and when surrounded by other creative souls.  However, if I were to meet you today - just a stranger in a bookstore or a fellow mom at a pool, maybe you work with my husband - and you asked me what it was I did for a living - I would respond that I am a part time preschool teacher's aide and there is a good chance that is all I would tell you about what I "do".  Don't get me wrong I love my part time job - it is fabulous - but it is not who I am, it a just a small part.  I am an artist - without the opportunity to create I could not function fully.  This is fact.   
I cannot tell you the number of times that I have missed out on possible growth - growth as a networking artist or growth as an artist who is a business owner selling her art.  I am too meek to hand out business cards - even when there might be interest - unless you specifically ask me one I might not give you it.  Silly - chance missed!
I can't say what other artists have that I think I am lacking - artists come on all shapes and sizes and are successful at so many different levels.  I truly think I have the qualities that make an artist - a passion to freely create what I feel needs to be created!!!  I know am an artist - I guess I feel like others won't care - or that possibly their definition of artist is different so they won't appreciate my art.  Stupid?  SO VERY!!!  These things, these opinions don't make me any less of an artist.
I know what it true - I create because I have to - I create because I want to - I am inspired constantly by the beauty around me - I am an artist.