Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Such talent

Art Swap update:

I received Becky's beautiful FRESH green felted hat - it is so wonderful!

Joleyn will be swapping one of her gorgeous prints.

I will be swapping a bracelet called A Reminder:

The ball has a sweet little chime in it - so I call it - A Reminder - to remind you of just how blessed you are. 

There is still time to join in - as you can see these are really beautiful pieces of art.

I am reposting the details below:

I was thinking AGAIN that we should do an ART SWAP.....would I have any takers????  I might just keep reposting this until I get some takers because I think this could be fabulous!  We could go with a theme and then crafters/artists of all media could participate - knitters, crocheters, jewelry designers, poets, photographers, paper artists, quilters, sewers, etc. etc.  Heck even if I had one taker that would be enough - we could trade.  It would just be great fun to see what others are creating.
How about a THEME of FRESH.  Whatever fresh means to you.

It's the 25th today - comment and let me know if you are interested.
DUE DATE: March 18th (which means they need to be in my hands by the 18th - sent out using PRIORITY MAIL by the 15th of March)
All items will be swapped and sent back out by the 23rd.
Ok the nitty gritty details - BEST WORK ONLY - and I am sure this goes without saying - only send in something you yourself would love to get.  Send your item along with $5.00 for shipping back to youPlease only send cash.   
It's hard to put a value minimum or maximum - so the best I can do is tell you items I am considering making for the swap:
earrings, a felted soap, a paper door decoration, a small bird, a hanging pillow, a 5 x 7 photo, an altered jar, a set of note cards, etc......
What do you say - I know there a lot of talented people out there - and some of you even read my blog!  :)  I would love to see what we can do!!!  Hope to hear from you soon....