Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Beautiful Life

I have to say this is probably one of the most undesirable summers I have ever had. I know what a way to start a post. But really I have been in a terrible funk - missing friends and family back home - wishing I had more friends here. Trying to figure out what "job" I am supposed to be doing. Wishing I had the courage to present my jewelry to galleries and shops. I so DESPERATLEY want it - but to try and sell myself - which I would be doing since sooooo much of me goes into each piece - it makes me shake in my boots. Pathetically I have been feeling SOOOOO sorry for myself - and poor Steve and the kids feel it. They probably don't like me too much right now, I don't like me too much right now.
So last night as I was feeling sorry for myself yet again it struck me - if this is one of the most undesirable summers I have ever had - I should be jumping up and down thanking God - thanking my lucky stars that this is what I consider bad! We are so blessed - I am so blessed - I have a wonderful husband and three wonderful children, Steve has a wonderful job, we have our health, we have lots of family and friends to miss, we have a beautiful home, air conditioned days, food on the table, clothes on our back, and creative talents to busy our hands. Soooo.....I am going to climb out of this fog - I am going to STOP whining and feeling sorry for myself - I am going to STOP focusing on why I might be sad and remember: