Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Pages

And just so everyone knows - I openly "scrap-lift" a great amount of layout ideas. I post my pages here for my family and friends to enjoy not because I want fame and fortune. I love my Page Maps book (and Becky's site) - so a lot of my pages are based on her sketches. And I get a ton of ideas from magazines and internet sites also. These are my pages - I tweak them as I see fit or I don't. I don't site the designers - not cause I am trying to steal their ideas - but because I don't have their names - I cut up sketches and pages from my magazines and add them to a binder - I don't keep the designers names. So if one of these designs are yours - thank you for the inspiration - I truly do appreciate it and love your work - as they say.....imitation is the best form of flattery!!! Just thought I should address this because I have read a ton of post about people "stealing" ideas or about no credit being given. I just want to say it's hog wash - if I was making money I could see it upsetting the designer to not get credit - but I am not making any money off of scrapbooking (just ask my husband). I do it cause I enjoy it - because I want something to pass down to my kids and then their kids and their kids, etc...
If I do submit any of my pages - they will be my own designs.
Oh and by the way if you do want to copy any of my ideas please do I am so glad it offers some form of inspiration!!