Monday, November 3, 2008

I am paying it forward....

Becky Novacek listed Star Hitched Wagon in a blog post recently. I am always so moved when people compliment my "goods". It means so much - and it gets Star Hitched Wagon out there to people who might not know about us. Anyways her post was about places she would love to shop for the holidays.....what a great idea.
So I thought I would do the same - I would pay it forward and tell you all about the indie designers/businesses that I drool over. So here ya go:

Long Lane Boutique - this skirt is beautiful.

Brown Eyed Fox I love Soar Some More and Blushing Moxie

Live Life Inspired. Dream With Possibility! Donna Downey
Donna Downey her work is beautiful I especially love the Optimistic Swatch Print

Becky's photography is wonderful as well as her canvases. If you live around Omaha you should book with her. Our family photos were so cool!

Kelly Rae Roberts moves me! :) She just is so inspiring. I love to read her blog and her art is out of this world cool. One day a few of these will hang in my studio:
Leap Fearlessly
Let It Go
In Her Hands
This reminds me of me and my sisters.
And how cool are these magnets???

Kafe Utza has such amazing coffee and treats!! And Kara is a great gal!

Great signs for your home. I love this one.

Sadie Olive - there isn't much of here that I would want in my home!! Such beautiful stuff. I love her prints!!! Especially Red White and Blue, Red Linens, Nest, and Old Door!!!! And this corner basket is so cool an work wonderfully in my studio. Oh yeah and I love nests.

Gemini Studio Art has great canvases. I would love this one, this one and this one. How fun would it be to have a custom canvas done with street from your home town....hmmmmm......

Very fun art for your home. I love these.

Beautiful photography if you live around Mandan you should book your family photos with Joleyn!

Great stamping and scrapbooking supplies and a FANTASTIC person to inspire you. This is a fantastic kit and I love their ribbon.

Feeling Scrappy
Awesome awesome scrapbooking classes. And Jayne is pretty dang awesome herself.

I like It Kit Studios - I really need to order one of these kits soon.

I have a tad bit of a bag fetish - this is kinda fun.

Beautiful Music!! I love Jeremy Larson's songs - so good!!! You can buy them on itunes.

Well that's just a few. :) I know there are tons more that I love that I am forgetting and a ton that I am sure I would love if introduced to them - so please do share your favorited with me. I do love indie businesses!!!