Friday, July 4, 2008

Best Vacation

If you are ever in Western Montana or anywhere nearby you MUST make a trip to Virgina City for the Brewery Follies. THE FUNNIEST SHOW EVER. I am not even slightly kidding. Jamie's birthday was the 2ND so that is how we celebrated. What a fun night. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. I cannot wait for another trip back to Montana and a trip to the Brewery Follies.
And Virginia City is a way cool place to be....I have lots of photos - I will post when we get back home.
Once again - this vacation has been FABULOUS!!! And I will say that I am ready to move back to Montana because it is IT - one is truly blessed to live and play here. I feel so lucky to say I am from Montana.

Things we have done:

Lots of visiting and hanging out with friends in Sheridan

Lots of visiting and hanging out with family - the best

Fishing in Miles City at the 1902 bridge out at Fort Keogh

Swimming at Spotted Eagle with the girls

Connor fished with Dad at Varney Bridge

The "boys" have been to the golf course and hit many a bucket of balls.

Yellowstone Park

Hebgen Lake (we ate at the best place EVER - the Happy Hour Bar - best mushroom Swiss burger and onion rings!!!! We ate on the deck that overlooked the lake - FANTASTIC!!!!

The kids have been driving the golf cart up and down the dirt road - over and over and over again.

Swimming at Ennis Lake (Steve is sporting a nice Leach hickey)

Dinner with Dub and Lisa (Steve's brother and his wife) - been way to long since we have seen them - they are such cool people!!! It's sad we live so far away and we don't get to see them that often.

Lewis and Clark Caverns
Brewery Follies

Cliff and Wade Lakes

Steve ran the Gravelleys and saw 2 black bears

Dinner with Jes, Molly, Coen and Rose - so good to see them all - I haven't seen them since they got married which was over 3 years ago. Their children are so adorable.

Ennis 4Th of July Parade - the hospital had a float (Jamie works there) so the kids got to be in the parade and help pass out waters - they had a blast.

This afternoon we are off to Sheridan, Nevada City and back to Virginia City for dinner and fireworks.

I have taken about 14 rolls of film since we started this vacation - so there will be tons of great pics to be shared.