Wednesday, January 30, 2008


At this exact moment I don't really have too much to say - but I will post some thoughts later.....but thought I'd post some of my recent creations.

Card from a Card Sketch done by Stacey Lokovik at Feeling Scrappy

Ok I lied I do have a few things to say!!!!

1) I think almost everything at Star Hitched Wagon is on sale - some stuff marked down to 80% off - crazy good!!!
Like these earring below - 50% off - makes them $10.00 - see crazy - that's sterling silver and freshwater pearls. Yeah I know! CRAZY GOOD!!!!

You really have to check it out!

2) Cropper Bowl this weekend at Feeling Scrappy - you gotta come check it out - so fun!!! Last time I got a TON done.

Next month the Bead Trends Magazine should come out - I think! I am supposed to be in their March/April issue - don't they usually "release" the month before? I am so excited to actually see MY STUFF in print!! WOW!!!! I have to say I am a bit nervous too - not sure why - but I am. But mostly just so excited!!!!

This amazing kid contacted me about donating for his upcoming fundraiser and I thought it was a great cause - maybe you do to. You should check him out. I say way to go Spencer!!!

Ok that is it.....I gues I had a lot to say!