Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas recap

So Christmas was wonderful - maybe a bit too much expectation to create the perfect moment - but in all it's imperfection it was perfect. I adore being with my family and all the chaos that comes with it.

We have a large family - parents, sisters and brothers and brother and sister in laws, nieces and nephews, Grandma, lots of aunts and uncles and cousins and I love to get to spend time with them. We didn't get to see everyone over the holidays but I am so happy about being with those who were in MC.

Jodi and Brady hosted an awesome Christmas Eve - their house looked so beautiful and the food was ultra yummy - the cheese plate might have been my favorite.

Christmas morning was exciting as ever!!! And moms rolls were yummy! We were all spoiled and recieved some fantastic gifts. Jamie, Pat and Sydney got me an awesome rolling scrapbook bag - a huge one - I am so excited! It is fabulously pink and brown! YEAH!! Jodi, Brady and the girls got me two awesome movie packs - my favorites - the 80's brat pack and too cool for school pack - 6 movies in all with a music cd - so fun!!!

Mom and Dad got me beautiful red footed mugs - exactly what I had been wanting and a $75.00 scrappin gift certificate. WOW! Macey got me Goonies and Family Stone - favorites. Suzy got me two pairs of pjs - her tradition - so fun - and they are wonderful. Steve filled my stocking to the brim with such fun gifts - I love love love opening stocking gifts. My favorites were the three fabulous pairs of smart wool socks. He is sooooo good. Connor and Xander gave us adorable picture ornaments that we will cherish each year!!! Ok not that you all wanted to know every gift I got but I am so excited I just have to share. Like I said SPOILED!!! Every gift had such thought behind it - every single gift!!! Thank you everyone - you are all so very thoughtful.
The kids got fun gifts: guitar hero three for the Wii,

Spider Man Monopoly, Disney Scene it, Catch Phrase Music Edition, Clue for 1. Xander got lots of legos that he busies himself with constantly.

Santa brought the boys ds lites and Macey a Fox coat that she has been wanting for sooo long. And Steve got lots of running related gifts.
So I know Christmas isn't about the material things I really do. But I am amazed at the thoughtfulness that everyone puts into giving.
Christmas Day dinner was hosted by mom and dad. The food was so yummy - and there was a TON!!!
We had fun playing Guitar Hero,

scattergories, uno spin and catch phrase music addition.
Maggie was he-lar-i-ous with her ET stories. She is facinated with ET - mom and dad had a copy that she fell in love with so Santa brought her own copy - man was she excited. Her ET impersonation had us all in stitches. What a ham.

Abby is a wonderful model - she was so willing to let me take pictures of her. She has such a beautiful smile - so natural never cheesy.
Just like her mom - very photogenic.

And her dads pretty handsome too

Megan was at mom and dads a lot which is always fun. The kids all love her. Macey and her spent most of their time driving around (Macey thanks you Megan) and playing guitar hero - man they were entranced!!!

Macey was excited to have Ivy come visit from Sheridan. They has a great time together. Their friendship in an amazing thing. Very unique - very special - they are very lucky!!!

I was really excited I got to see Carrie Ann and Will - friends that I haven't seen in a long time.
Yes Christmas was wonderful!!! I loved sitting around visiting, drinking coffee - just taking it easy. No agenda - love the slower pace of being back in Montana. I really do. I really hope your holiday was as blessed as ours!