Monday, August 13, 2007


Oh - the concert - let me just tell you about our once in a life time experience. So we left the house with thunderstorm warnings in effect but were hopeful that they would pass around us. So we get to the concert spread out our blanket put up our chairs and the mayor comes on stage to make an announcement. "Severe thunderstorm warnings - 75 mph winds, lightening, rains and possible pea size hails expected to hit in the next 10 - 20 minutes. If you can go to your cars we are advising that - but the concert is not canceled just delayed for about 60 minutes." So we think well lets see if it passes around us but move under the trees to be safe. Then the wind picks up - big time - and it is black black black so we think about heading to the car but our car is like a mile away and it starts getting worse and we are afraid of getting stuck in the middle of a wide open space, etc. etc. etc - so we all huddle up under our 1 umbrella and pray for the best. Its POURING POURING rain. Connors crying - maceys friend Lexie is about crying - then her mom calls and says the worst of the storm hasn't even hit. So then we decide to make a mad dash for the car. It was pouring and thundering and lightening. People were splashing us with their cars as we walked down the sidewalk. When we crossed the street the water was ankle deep and rushing so fast I thought I might get washed away. The temp dropped from like 95 to 69 in a half hour. Connor still crying. Xander's a trooper. Me I am resembling a drowned rat - couldn't stop giggling cause it was just so unbelievable. I am sure the people driving by thought - "look at those idiots" "what are those parents doing to those poor babies". Honestly I have never been so wet - not even when I shower!!!! Our cars spells like dead yuck cause it got so wet from us sitting in it. Think Steve's blackberry died. OMG - what an experience. Needless to say we didn't see the Plain White T's and they did take stage after the storm passed but then we were all home in warm baths.
So no......... hey there love love love love love love.........