Sunday, August 12, 2007

OK so I miss Wyoming but Nebraska is a fun place to be....

So guess who we are getting ready to go see....give up??? Plain White T's are here for a free concert in the park. How cool is that???? Yep - they play at 5. Now that would not have happened in Sheridan. Connor and Macey just love them and of course Xander is just exctied to go to his "first concert" (that is what he told me this morning). I am excited as well - they are so good!!! This is one band that all 5 of us enjoy. Sort of rare! What a great way to wrap up the summer (kids start school tomarrow).
So I will try to take some pictures - but since it is free I am sure we will be all the way at the back a mile from the stage! :) Still cool!!! Anyways....if I do get any good ones - I will be sure to share!
Hope you all are staying some what cool in this extremely hot hot spell!!!