Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fun Stuff

I am excited to say I recently joined a stamping club with a local Stampin Up! Consultant. This past Friday she had an open house and we made two cards. I think she called them slider cards (the pieces that stands up moves along the "track" that you can see behind it). I love love love the way they turned out - such a fun idea that you could use on cards, scrapbook pages, tags, bag toppers etc. etc.
Check it out.

So my little sister is getting married in October. Very exciting. I did the invitations for the wedding - think they turned out nice. I think she likes them, right Jamie??? I like a moron didn't save one or take a picture to show you. But I am also working on favors - they will be small bath salts. Check them out - this is such a rough run through - the ribbon doesn't match etc. I just wanted to see how they would turn out at this size and with the monogram card. I really like how they are turning out. I used My Mind's Eye Bohemia paper - it matches her green and brown colors wonderfully.

So while my little sister was showing me some wedding programs ideas on the Martha Stewart website I discovered such a fun idea.

So I was inspired I made my own:

What do you think??? I love this idea. I think I will do these for the kids Halloween parties. They are great for little gifts too. I made Xanders teacher a jewelry set and put them in a bag like this just different colors/theme.

If you haven't checked out Marthas website you have got to - it is a wealth of information for all things wonderful. The ideas her and her team come up with are just awesome.'s got me thinking - maybe I should pick a Martha idea a day and then post her version and my version or maybe weekly (something I could commit too). That might be fun. Then if you are inspired you could send me your versions and I could post them here! WHAT A FUN IDEA!!!!! I 'm so smart. So tune in next week to see what I find inspiring and then send me your goods.

Well hopefully you liked what I posted. Wish I could take the credit for the wonderful ideas. But I can't!!!! So thanks Martha and Jennifer (my Stampin Up! lady) Have a wonderfully peachy kind of day!!!