Wednesday, August 14, 2013


A FEW more pictures from our glorious family vacation!! 

SO do you all know about
If not, get to knowing about it asap!!
That is how we found our fabulous vacation cabin in Trout Creek!
One of Steve's most favorite areas on earth is around Thompson Falls, MT.
So we started looking for places to stay and couldn't have been happier with our wonderful cabin:
Right on Noxon Reservoir in Trout Creek, MT

Truly a beautiful place!

This is right off of our deck!
Just on the other side of those trees is the water!!!

 Even had a little outdoor fireplace!
Perfect for nightly smores!!

Had the most fun fishing...
just right off the dock!!

And when we got too hot we could just jump in for a swim!


The location is to die for!!

Very close to the Kootenai River and Falls
Breathtaking and scary!
Fierce with power!

Also close to Ross Creek Cedars!

 An AMAZING place...
might have been my favorite.

I am very certain fairies live here.

And I may or may not have gotten lost a 1/4 from the entrance.
But you have to guess which!

 You really should have this vacation for yourself!
No really you should!
Cause you'll be able to kick your feet up...
and hang out if your pjs all morning long...
on week days...
and that would never happen if you were at home.


And cause blueberry pancakes and bacon taste better in Trout Creek!

Make sure you drive to Troy, MT for ice cream
at the COOLEST little place
with the most HEAVENLY ice cream!!!
Oh yeah, the name:

Also stop in for dinner one night at the
cause the foods good...
and the people are friendly...
and it's right on the water...
and cause on some nights...
they don't have strippers like the other establishments in Trout Creek!!!

But whatever you do!!!
Do not drive up public dirt roads that take you to lots of people's private property...
cause you might get followed by...
an old veteran with a few teeth...
who drives a subaru...
and he won't be happy!!!

But mostly you'll love it...
cause it's beautiful...
and slow...
and relaxing.

And yes I like saying cause...
thank you and amen!