Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello Monday...

Hello to a wonderful new thought...
 “I’ve always been the opposite of paranoid. 
I operate as if everyone is a part of a plot to enhance my well-being.”
- Stan Dale
Stan Dale you are a smart man - think I will follow in your foot steps!!
(Thanks Rhonda for the heads up)

Hello mapped out vision board.
Now let's glues it down and start making things happen!

Hello week 6 of training...87 miles down...425 miles to go.
Maybe I should stop adjusting my training schedule so it actually feels like I am making progress.

Hello Life Organizer...looking forward to this new approach.

Hello tidied desk - boy were you a mess.

 Hello Bead Soup mix I really need to wrap you are due on March 3rd!!!

Hello great win yesterday for Wild Bantams!!  Such a great game!!  
Bantams I am so glad Connor is a part of your team!!

Hello new completed work.

Hello Lightening Label...big moment for Star Hitched Wagon

Hello Tangerine Tango...let's jump on the band wagon!!!

 Hello last week of hockey for Xander...let's take state!  :)

Thanks as always to Lisa for such a great idea!
How's your Monday looking?