Monday, February 20, 2012

Hello Monday...

Hello lazy sleep in kind of Monday...
would be about perfect if only we weren't missing Steve and Macey.  

Hello week 5 of training...hope to get another outdoor run in this week...
my awesome new shoes are ready.

Hello coffee and homemade scones for breakfast...yummy...would you like the recipe?

Hello sunny that we are getting close to spring!  
Yesterdays snow won't stick around too long if you keep shining.

Hello lovely natural curl and wave and body...
why can't I harness you and have this style while looking good...
instead of you just presenting yourself when I let you air dry...
oh yeah and could you move around to include the back as well!

 Hello messy piles of creativity looking forward to finishing my first vision board.  

 Hello wonderfully relaxing this newly created station on Pandora.
You are perfect to listen to while I work on my vision board.

Hello to all the wonderful new blogs I clicked 
through too this are fueling my creativity, my dreams
and just how I can bring you to reality:
just to name a few I could go on and much goodness out there.

Hello lists...please help me stay on track this week.

Hello new recipe - hope the boys like you.

Hello Aromatherapy Class....I really do promise to get working on you...I will post abou you repeatedly until I am a certified Aromatherapist!!!

As always thanks to Lisa for such a great idea...keeps me present!