Thursday, January 26, 2012

Totally Random Thursday

From 7:35 am to 9:27 am I put 12.5 miles on my vehicle and I didn't really go anywhere.
I also expect to add at least 20 more miles on that number today...WOW!!! 
I know I know many of you are saying - ha that's nothing. 
BUT I do not work at one of the mines and I do not live in a big city...
so it seems CRAZY how many miles I travel each week. 

Moving on...I washed my car today for the first time in I don't even know how long...
and when I say I
well I really mean that big machine.
Yes it did and I sat and texted in my car - tough work I tell ya. the time I got home you would NEVER know I made a visit to the car wash. 
So tell me again why we wash vehicles?  (Steve and Dad pretend you didn't read that last statement)

I am hopelessly and shamelessly ADDICTED to Pretty Little Liars. 
Thanks a lot Macey.  No but really I am. 
I have watched 12 episodes in the past 2 days while scrapbooking. 
Stacey + Ezra = TRUE LOVE 4EVER. 
Ok I sometimes have the mind of a 14 year old. 
And I might have replayed his make out session 427 times,  but probably not.  

I have scrapbooked 18 pages in the past 24 days!  And that's the real number!!
I am so super excited about this because I didn't even scrapbook that many pages
in the entire year of 2011.  Yay ME!!!

I started marathon training on Monday.  Crazy I know. 
It will be my first and I am actually REALLY excited. 
I will be running the Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon on June 3rd,
along with my really hot hubby.  Well I won't really be running along side him or anything. 
By the time I finish the marathon he will have finished his marathon, showered,
had a couple of meals, drank a few beers and lots of other stuff.
I have never been to interested in speed...finishing is my goal. 
With this being my first marathon my goal is to finish before the 7 hour cut off time. 
If it takes me 419 minutes and 60 seconds I will be so super thrilled that I accomplished that!!! 
And another member of our family will enter the world of running.
Xander has taken an interest in running.  He has been "training" for about three weeks now.
He is really excited about it.  He will run at least 25 miles over the next few months
and then finish the final 2k of the marathon at the Mickelson Trail the day before Steve and I run.  AWESOME!!  So proud of him!

I LIVE in yoga and running clothes - 96.4% of the time and that number may be low.
The old gear wasn't looking too pretty so I may or may not have purchased $8641.23
worth of new gear from Sierra Trading Post.  I didn't say I spent that much but it was worth
at least that much!  Seriosuly do you all shop here???  If not your CRAZY - CRAZY I tell ya.
The bargains are unbelievable.  (They are offering an addition 20% off orders over $100.00. 
Coupon code: SITETHUR112)  My new gear consists of Columbia, Mountain Hardware,
Royal Robbins, SmartWool, J-41.  And not one thing was over $40.00!
In fact $40.00 was the most expensive item and I cringed a little...most things were 12 - $30.00!
Even then shoes!  Score.  Now I am comfortable but at least I look somewhat put together! 
Hey I said somewhat.  And now I am even a runner again so I have an excuse - right??? 
Now I just need to work on getting back into Yoga.  Which reminds me....

Dear Gillette,
Please offer mid-morning yoga classes for people like me.  I do not like Zumba...well let me body can't move like is required in Zumba.  And I am not looking for spinning
or cardio fit right now.  So please a 9:00 am yoga class would be awesome!!!  And I'm not a senior or a kid - so those don't qualify.  Thank you.
Sincerely, Desperately Seeking Yoga Classes 

Hmmmm...what else can I bore you to numbness with....let's see here...

Totally in love with:

The Civil Wars

Andrew Belle

 And I CANNOT wait (Thanks Jamie for the heads-up) to see this:
Love me some Channing!

OK that's it!! That is all I've got...gotta get back to watching some Pretty Little Liars
and perhaps drool over Ezra!!!  And scrapbook, of course!!  Have a BEAUTIFUL Thursday!