Monday, January 2, 2012

It's that time of year...

...for goals!!!  
I really need to get me straightened out.  Too much to be happy about!!
I think I might be a little cranky these days.  Oh how silly silly silly that is!!
Time for change - time to kick that ego to the curb.
Here are a few things I am thinking about:

Working towards living a life I love. 
As I think I have mentioned before this move has left me rather topsy turvy and stuck. 
Not doing nearly as much as I can to feel good about me and life.
And that's just plum silly - too much too feel good about!!

Create more often!
I want to paint and get messy!! 
I want to sew!  
I want to play with clay!

Get my business up and running full steam ahead.
Will my labels ever be finished?  Oh yes and they will be gorgeous.  
The bath and body product will be perfected and I promise you will love it.  
Because I love it!
And of course lots more jewelry - really want to work more with silver.  

Judge less - love more.

Kick my ego to the curb.
It really get's in the way and trys to hold one down.  
No thanks!!  I've had enough.
(thanks Oprah and Eckhart Tolle)

Keep working through Oprah's Lifeclass

Get real - see the truth - be true. 

Make friends.

Yoga, running, walking, lifting or elliptical every single day of the week!!!

Run a marathon.

Yell less.

Be happy, smile and laugh and sing and dance!! ALOT!!!

Week in the Life
One Little Word
Project Life.

Dream big and work hard to achieve.


Wish me luck!  :)  

How about you?  
What do you want to happen this wonderful 2012?